7 years

  I have been raising Arowanas for 7 years. Looking back at the only post published in Dragon Palace on March 22, 2010, it was said that I had just raised Arowanas for a week and a half.
At that time, the first arowana I raised was the gem I bought in Huadiwan, but it was gone last year.
Now I have 2 golden arowanas, because there is no courage to raise them so they are separated.
It has been a year since the two arrived home.

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   Red Dragon.breeze Say: 1 Thank you for sharing
Yuyou Pinghewei001 Say: 1
Fish Friends Clockwise Say: Good Arowana
Yuyou18613515088 Say: Twin brothers oh beautiful fish
Yuyou stupid NANA Say:
Yuyou Longer Say: 7 years is not easy.
Yuyou Jinhong Weixin Say: Pretty
Yuyou Goofy 001002 Say: Good fish
Yuyou u135AEKD6302 Say: Tribute to the landlord!The best treatment for arowana&Treatment of Arowana scaly disease"Aoshen Dragonfish No. 4 function^What"s going on when the dragon fish crashes into the tank%Oxytetracycline~Is it difficult to restore the health of the dragon fish scales?%How to treat arowana pine scale disease#Arowana standing scale recovery processWhat disease does Ao Shen Longyu No. 5 treat?$Arowana standing scales recovered in a few days@

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