806060 cylinder

  The cylinder of 80 * 60 * 60 is integrated with the upper and lower water, the upper water is 20 and the lower water is 32, I wonder if it is enough?

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  Bai Xiangren Say: Is the water pump 4000 large enough?
Yuyou Baixiangren Say: I am a super white 12 sticky cylinder.
Fish Friends Koi Bay Say: enough
Yuyou Baixiangren Say: The base cabinet plus bare cylinder 640 yuan, not bad.
Yuyou Gold Eagle 88 Say: It s not enough
Yuyou Baixiangren Say: 20 is set in 50, 32 is clean water,
Yuyou Mugu Morning Clock Say: enough
Yuyou 〔、.Sister-in-law Say: It should be enough!
Yuyou13472925080 Say: The pump and the water supply pipe are very powerful!!!I 1.2 * 0.4 * 0.The 45 cylinder is just like the upper and lower water pipes. The pump is not as big as yours!!!What kind of fish do blue sharks live with??How big fish can a 50cm fish tankIngot Phoenix and Tiger Fish Polyculture Video!The life span of Thai Lion Goldfish is several years:Do saury eat garbage?^Bugatti in mutant phoenix arowana)Thunder Dragon Fish%Bassia fish polyculture video"806060 cylinder

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