About the gold and blue background of the Golden Dragon


The traditional golden dragon system only has a gold background and a blue background.This is a fact that has been recognized in the past.

In fact, according to the view below, it is essentially shallow and deep;

The bottom is the gold bottom, the bottom is the blue bottom.

Before cross-breeding and improvement became the mainstream, Jing Wei was extremely obvious, and gold was gold and blue was blue, that is, the bottom was shallow and the bottom was clear at a glance.

For those with gold bottoms, pearl phosphorus is over the back and under the dorsal fin, and the color develops earlier; blue backgrounds usually take several years to reach five to six, and even some individuals are not completely complete with six rows at the age of seven or eight.Hair color, this also has the concept that some older players believe that the classic over-back is not necessarily over-back, and the early Dragon Fish Books described the over-back Golden Dragon as a conservative definition of the top five rows.

Thanks to the hybridization and improvement of the breeding farm, the dorsal fin crushed phosphorus and the six-out frame of the Golden Dragon strain are not the main problems, but the industry and players have found that their gold quality and brightness are very different from the previous ones.For a period of time, he pursued the trend of wild and classical overcoming.

The retro style encourages the breeding farms to maintain the pure merits of over-breeding, but it also brings a big problem: the low-grade and pure-bred over-breeding young and middle-aged fish market sells very poorly, and the appearance is even lower than that of cross-breeding.

As the saying goes, one foot tall and one devil tall, the farm has invented a bright white water tank with long light to promote seedlings, which solves the appearance of the back dragon market. This also has the more common mid-fish discoloration phenomenon in recent years.The purebred blue bottom over gold and gold bottom over gold are essentially only deep and shallow. Generally, players can watch the process from blue to gold. Those who like to keep the blue reward for a longer period of time choose the bottom.On the contrary, choose a shallow bottom; at the same time, the rearing background, light angle and light intensity set by the fish tank have a great influence on this.The breeding background of the Golden Dragon Department has two absolutely different viewpoints, which makes many people who love dragons at a loss.

One is to promote a light-colored background, transparent, white, etc .; think it is conducive to the frame and clean bottom;

The other is to promote a dark background, blue, black, etc., which is conducive to keeping the blue background and locking the frame and increasing the gold quality.

In fact, both of these formulations make sense.

Earlier, that is, before the 1990s, the dominant point of view has always been that the red dragon should have a deep background and the golden dragon should have a shallow background and is recognized by most fish friends, but why this view has been gradually adopted by many dragon friends.To forget and approach the situation of being rejected?

That is because the above views are based on the experience of players in the market atmosphere environment where arowana breeding and hybridization have not yet become mainstream;

As arowana hybridization has become mainstream, various types of golden dragons in the market that have improved or infiltrated genes from other species have accounted for the vast majority; players with years of feeding experience have found that the traditional view of a light background or a white background is no longer suitable.The current new variety, Jinlong, has a blue or black background that gradually gains the upper hand and is widely accepted. why?

Because the gold quality fades or degenerates with hybridization, a dark background is needed to strengthen the overall texture, which is the main reason.

At the same time, the three-dimensional effect of the bottom of the frame is also unstable due to hybridization and the bottom of the bottom[the so-called blue background]is unstable, so it is necessary to resort to environmental homochromic buffering, which is another reason.Chilihonglongsa means that this view can also explain the problem that it is difficult for a large number of blue dragons on the market to retain the blue background in a relatively short period of time, because the same-color environment only serves as a buffer.

In addition, the over-back or high-back of the improved Jinlong line is no longer the main difficulty of feeding; the first-line high-quality golden dragon line standard is the first one that has been approved by the market.

Strengthening the gold texture and the three-dimensional sense of the bottom of the frame is the key to the breeding of the improved[hybrid].It should therefore be considered:

The more pure breeds of golden dragons should be dominated by a light white background, and the hybrid or improved types should be dominated by blue or black.Purebred blue background over gold like black and blue tones should choose blue or black background; like sky blue tones should choose bright background.Pure gold background over gold like 24K color quality should choose blue or black background; like pure gold without scale should choose bright background.

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