red dragon arowanaI want to raise some scallops


Now I have 2 firebirds 5-6cm
Fire bright red 5-6cm 2
Yellow Emperor 5-6cm 2


Cleopatra 5-6cm 2 strips


Want to raise some shellfish, dont know if it can be mixed?Thank you


  = (Comments on alliance SianLon Arowana Aquatic friends) =

  cngogjivw Say: It s better not to mix
Fish Friends Sonicpt001 Say: Not recommended ~
Fish friends are happy and happy Say: If you can match it like this
Yuyou Bystander╰╮ Say: Do you want to add some snacks to the horse bream?
The habit that fish friends cant change Say: 1 You can mix it, you will find that after mixing, you are still 8 fish
Fish Friends No Nick 002 Say:
Haha, I see, it is destined to be only 8 habits that cannot be changed
You can mix it, you will find that after mixing, you are still 8 fish
Yuyou loveliner﹏ Say: Disparity in size, can not be polyculture
Yuyou yu1848821 Say: Its better not to add, the volume difference is too much after growing up
Fish friends are good Say: The horse snapper is too far related to the body shape of the rolled scallops when you are an adultIngot phoenix mixed with dragon fishWhat price of ingot phoenix fish!How did the ingot phoenix fish come"Ingot Phoenix and Tiger Fish(How big can the Phoenix Ingot Fish grow~Is Ingot Phoenix the bottom fish:Tiger fish bite ingot phoenix^Ingot Phoenix Fish Color Change,How to distinguish male and female/

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