Cognition and Control of Water Quality

  Cognition and Control of Water Quality Cognition and Control of Water Quality

(PH value)

Definition of PH:

The pH value, also known as the hydrogen ion concentration index, is a scale of the activity of hydrogen ions in the solution, which is a measure of the acidity and alkalinity of the solution in the usual sense.The concept is.Usually, the pH value is a number between 0 and 14.<7的时候,溶液呈酸性,当pH>At 7, the solution is alkaline, when pH = 7, the solution is neutral.

PH effect on fish

The pH value directly affects the growth, reproduction, and even life of fish and other organisms.For tropical fish, due to different birthplaces, the range of adaptation to pH is also different. The water quality of birthplaces in Central and South America is slightly alkaline; tropical fishes of African origin, because the local soil is slightly acidic red loam, like itSlightly acidic water; some tropical fish have been domesticated for a long time to adapt to the pH of non-native waters.In general, tropical fish have a narrower pH tolerance, but they can survive in water with a pH of 6-8, and the most suitable pH is 6.5 ~ 7.5.
When the pH value is greater than 8.5 or less.At 5 oclock, the growth of microorganisms in the water was inhibited, the decomposition of nitrifying bacteria was hindered, the self-purification ability of the water body decreased, and the water quality deteriorated.When the pH is below 5.At 5 oclock, fish are particularly sensitive to infectious diseases and are very susceptible to illness and death.When the pH value is greater than 9.5 or lessAt 0, the fish will directly cause death.Therefore, it is very important to control the pH in tropical fish tanks.

pH measurement

There are many ways to measure the pH of a solution:
Add a pH indicator to the solution to be tested. Different indicators will change color according to different pH values, and the pH range can be determined according to the study of indicators.During titration, accurate pH standards can be set.
1. Use pH test paper. There are a wide range of test papers and precision test papers. Dip a glass rod to the test solution on the test paper, and then you can get the pH of the solution according to the color change of the test paper and comparing the color chart.The table above is equivalent to a color chart.
2. Use a pH meter, which is an instrument for measuring the pH of a solution. It measures the pH of the solution through a pH selective electrode (such as a glass electrode).The pH meter can be accurate to two decimal places.Picture of Little red chili Fish
3. The pH test paper cannot show the pH of the oil. Because the pH test paper is made of ferric hydrogen and the pH value of the solution to be measured is measured with ferric hydrogen, but the oil does not contain ferric hydrogen, the pH test paper cannot show the oil.Part of the pH.

PH value adjustment

In order to adjust the water quality of tropical fish tanks, some inorganic salts are often used, such as adding carbonate to adjust the pH of the water; adding dihydrogen phosphate to adjust the lower pH, which has a certain buffering effect and can maintain a fairly stablePH.However, the addition of these salts will also bring some side effects, so it should be used sparingly.A safer and safer method is to purchase a pH adjuster from the aquarium store. In the case of aquatic plants, the aquarium can be filled with sunken wood, or carbon dioxide can be added to lower the pH.A pH tester can also be installed to monitor the pH of the tank water.
In general, the pH value of newly constructed tropical fish tanks varies greatly. After a period of time, as long as the ecological conservation environment is established in accordance with appropriate conservation methods, the pH value will be quite stable.

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