Is it worth to start with a serious drop of the full pearl scale?

  This morning, I went to the White Fish Market. There was a arowana aquarium in the tank on the second floor with a gold arowana of about 16cm full of pearls, but one eye was seriously dropped. The merchant also admitted that there is basically no treatment.For 900 yuan, may I ask your opinion, is it worth starting?Raised in case you want to change, can this fish turn his hand.Sorry for not taking pictures.

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  u135AEKD6302 Say: If you want to change your mind, I advise you not to ask.
Yuyu kurapika3 Say: You can enter if you do nt mind, it is recommended not to raise fish without patience.
Yuyou yjb1986 Say: 1 Can 16cm be full of pearl scales?
鱼 友 ruans Say: Self-supporting is fine
Yuyou z953443485 Say: Its not much money to sell.Later //// I want to make money.You can keep it yourself
Yuyou Hujun qq001 Say: Are there any pictures?Is it full of pearl scales at 16 cm?
Yuyou Shuimuqing 004 Say: I still want to buy one that I like
Fish friends do not understand Say: Thank you, thank you all for your comments!
Fish friends do not understand Say: Replying to @ yjb1986: Visual inspection is not accurate.What about the high-backed dragon fish around 25?~The fish feed brand is good.Daquan of domestic fish feed brands)What are the fish"Live fish fishing!What are the brands of fish feed,What kind of feed does the swallow feed?/The best fish feed brand in China(The brand of fish feed is good&What are you most afraid of%


    Is it worth to start with a serious drop of the full pearl scale?
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