Chili Red Arowana Hair Color

Chili Red Arowana Hair Color AROWANA ForumChili red arowana is divided into ordinary chili red arowana and green-skin chili red arowana. Chili red arowana is also known as orange red arowana. Its origin is mainly distributed in the middle reaches of the Kaplings River.Compared with the blood red dragon fish, their dark red is not as deep as the blood red dragon fish. The general color of chili red arowana is expressed in orange for the first time, which is why the chili red arowana is very popular in the market.This kind of hair color is loved by aquatic fish lovers. The normal color development of the pepper red dragon in one year also gives them confidence and is full of goodwill for the future hair color.The background color of pepper red arowana is mainly green. The biggest advantage of this background color is that regardless of whether the color of the pepper red arowana in the future is orange or bright red, it is visually beautiful.Other red arowanas are very interesting. Among the two classifications of chili red dragon fish, the color development of chili red dragon fish is faster than ordinary chili red dragon fish, and the first color development will appear in orange red.The green-red chili red dragon fish is different, each of its colored scales can have red-green contrast, and its characteristics are almost the same as the red blood dragon fish.Chili Red Arowana has a slower color development. The young Chili Red Arowana is mainly orange-yellow, and will not turn orange-red until the second color development. All in all, chili red arowana is very popular with red arowana breeding enthusiasts from small to large, and their hair color is indeed very beautiful.
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