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   Devil spirit man Say: Poor water quality, a sign of Li Lin
Yuyou Qianlong Say: Should have hit the tank
Yuyou 18909505511 Say: Three old, insurance
Yuyou is not handsome but bad Say:
Some rainbow fish cant get salt 18909505511
Three old, insurance
Yuyou, qq0010013 Say: Water mold
Yuyou, qq0010013 Say: The surface of the scales has been destroyed. The methylene blue or malachite green is slightly larger. It will improve in about a week.
Yuyou 18909505511 Say: Cut in half
Aquarium fish swims beautifully Say: learning
Yuyou 8090 Convenience Store Say: I have also encountered this.All the skin of the arowana peeled off.I am the third bestRanking of domestic feed companies%What to do with the fish feeding Jinlong.Tiekalix feed national ranking#Top ten feed enterprises in Henan:The meaning of raising a dragon fish?Top ten feed enterprises in Guangdong~How to deal with feeding fish and shrimp/Liyuan Feed National Ranking@China Feed Enterprise Ranking"Ask the master。

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