arowana fish for saleNotes on salt for dragon fish tank

  It is best to be raw salt (also called big salt or industrial salt): because the salt consumed by humans is processed, many of the so-called harmful substances for your humans are essential ingredients for fish, and, red bloodChili Red Dragon, which is the most expensive, even if fish can grow parasites, and using raw salt, dragon fish tank salt instructions can effectively kill parasites to ensure fish health and play a role in water purification agent. I use raw salt for the fish I keep, but note that if you keep small freshwater tropical fish, you should put less, probably the ratio is 0.5%, the fish is a large carnivorous tropical fish (I have a lot of such fish), the proportion is about 1%, if the fish are seawater, salt and water should be saturated, if the fish are goldfish, whatDont let go!

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