Need help from shifu

Need help from shifuNeed help from shifuI suspect my aro got fungus on the belly and also the body got white patches
Do assist plz thank you
My ph is 7。3

seems ok 。。。do wc 30% and c
>Is it protruding anus? Pic not clear leh。
Looks alright to me leh。
>i cant see anything strange。
but if its like a ;wooly layer on the scales, it is fungus。
fungus starts with lowered immune system。
in your tank, there are always diseases and potential infections,red arowana fish singapore if your fish is weak and water water quality is bad, then this will onset。
I would suggest the following if IT IS fungus。
1) filtration check - is it enough, you probably get amonia spikes
2) more water changes
3) dose the water with a full course of PIMAFIX and add some salt。
>i dont see any fungus, seem ok to me。 but if u are worried u can try adding some multi cure into the water。
>Anyway bro see any defects in the fish ? I realise that my fish got spots of white patches so if its not fungus then is ?


    Need help from shifu
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