Help what is this grass

Help what is this grass Aquaculture ForumIn the front part, what is the grass with red lines on the leaves? Isnt it the reticulate grass? Isnt this grass a terrestrial plant? How to cultivate it underwater.Does any master know what it is?

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  A Qiaofeng Say: Pretty
Yuyou sharpness Say: I cant live under water for a few days
Yuyou carved your heart Say: Never seen this grass.
Yuyou Mugu Morning Clock Say: never seen it
Yuyou 13881362687 Say: It s Reticulated grass,
Yuyou 13881362687 Say: This grass is generally used in amphibious tanks, but it can also be grown in water
Fish Friends Alfa001 Say: Is nt this my tank
Yuyouganyi007 Say:
Yes, it s your tank. The grass is beautiful. I want to know if I can feed it in the water. I m going to get some grass. By the way, ask if your grass is alive.
Is nt this my tank
Yuyou small depth of field Say: This is Reticulated Grass, there are many varieties in the flower shopRed Arowana and Yuanbao Phoenix PolycultureIngot phoenix fish multi-breeding:Is Ingot Phoenix suitable for polyculture with Arowana,Does Ingot Phoenix bite a stingray?)Ingot Phoenix Fish Egg?Ingot Phoenix was bitten by the dragon fish"s tail*Ingot Phoenix Stingray%Mixed breeding of ingot phoenix fish and dragon fish(

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