Stingray and turtle

  Stingray and turtleI just invited 2 stingrays home today. Now they are in good condition. But I saw the yellow-headed turtle biting my stingray half an hour ago. Although it is a small yellow head, will it bite the stingray if kept for a long timedead?Do you want to go out?If you want to go out, there will be no cleaners in the fish tank.

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   Guan Zhuo Say: meeting
Yuyou 18909505511 Say: Please, Xuanwu is better than Arowana
Yuyou Qianlong Say: Yes, the little yellow head is very fierce, especially your stingray has just been invited again, and I have nt adjusted in the first few days
Aquarium fish swims beautifully Say: meeting,
Zhang Mujun attacked by fish friends Say: Can raise the queen
Fishermen sailing fishing beams Say: Leopard or Queen
Yuyou A.Lover Say: Turtle cleared.Just buy an ordinary Huang Qingdaofu.
Tayuobaba Say: Turtle is still clear
Yuyou Zuge Say: Clear awayhigh back arowanaarwana goldIs the goldfish a freshwater fish%sp goldfish(Goldfish Video Watching Daquan?yui goldfish,What kind of fish are goldfish cultivated/Goldfish on the cliff.The tenth story of the goldfish)Is a goldfish a mammal@Is the goldfish a fish^


    Stingray and turtle
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    What kind of feed can parrot fish eat red@

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