Tiger seedlings are really hard to raise

  Tiger seedlings are really hard to raiseTiger seedlings are really difficult to raise. I bought 9 little tigers 2 days ago. 3.5CM, 1.2米的缸 今天稍微加了半脸盆热水器出来的水就挂一条,有养虎高手说一下还要注意些什么,还想混点蓝剑鲨和红珊瑚可以吗,或有别的品种推荐!

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   cngogjivw Say: Tiger is better to buy more than five
Yuyou love sad Say: Yes
Fish Friends Sonicpt001 Say: Sleep under the water ~ Convenient is convenient ~ Ghost knows what is in the water heater ~
Yuyu if life cheated Say: My 50s back filter has four tigers. Its been a year, and its okay. Water traps are still necessary.
Aquarium Snail Say: It is true that the water heater has been used for a long time, and it will hide dirt and dirt
It s better not to have polyculture in Matan, otherwise the tan will not have a good life
Tommy0010011 Say: Some fish have poor body constitution, I just add water directly from the water heater, the tiger is fine
Yuyou13934504660 Say: I also add water directly to the water heater
The habit that fish friends cant change Say: I took the trapped water and boiled the trapped water to the temperature of the fish tank. The tiger seedlings were 2/3 cm. Nothing.
Yuyou yu1848821 Say: Tigers are more sensitive to water qualityRed Arowana AppreciationLongxiang Red Dragon Fish$2015 Red Arowana Price.Red arowana?tds(Red light tube with red dragon fish!Red Dragon Fish Story@Shenyang Red Dragon Fish Price/Red Arowana Eye Drop Picture?Red Arowana Nutritional Value#Red Arowana obliquely swims after hitting the cylinder$

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