Xiaolong feeding problem

  It has been almost three months since my Arowana was invited. Since I was invited to come home for the New Year, I asked my friends to help me feed for a month. The average is 2-3 days. The 20CM Arowana is here.I eat 2 prawns a day, I think the Xiaolong said on the forum should be fed twice a day, but what should I do if my Arowana does nt eat much now.It is shrimp.

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  Quit? Say: Feed live food
Fish Friends GreatMaster Say: It s okay, it s enough to eat
Yuyou18613515088 Say: Try another feed
Cui Yiping Say:
Yuyou, I like chaos Say: Try to change the fry
Yuyou13525094018 Say: Just eat something
Yuyou Jianyu Weixin Say: Do not like to eat, it means that your body is not comfortable, try my method, the water temperature is 30-31 degrees; shrimps are now eaten and grilled with small fish (live frozen after freezing); put a little probiotics to promote arowana digestionBacteria or vitamins (liquid); the water quality is better, change one quarter of the water every three days; stop eating for 1-2 days a week; buy a king of three rooms or brazilian fish to eat powerful fish.Its appetite
Tayuobaba Say: Try to change water frequentlyWhat causes red ingot fish to turn white^Black fish with white eyes can eat%What"s the matter with koi fish eyes gone/Koi eyes in the fish tank are goneWhy should the goldfish be singular"What"s wrong with fish eyes being white and raised$What is the disease of crucian carp white eyes(Why do ingot fish bite other fish?Why red ingot parrot fish turns white)What happened to the fish suddenly without eyes?,

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