Send a fisherman with a fever ~

  Send a fisherman with a fever ~If you sell more fish on the number, you will know how many people are selling a fish, and the price can be set freely haha, I have seen a fish that is injured, four people are selling, if the price is the same, it will be fineThe lowest is 760 and the highest is 1600.Send a fisherman with a fever ~ Aquaculture Forum

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  ★ Wolf is here ★ Say: This silly fish seller has another question, is it a liar?
Yuyou18613515088 Say: Ha ha ha ha
Yuyou YAMNO.1 Say: Talk about feelings hurt money .
Yuyou S Dragon K Say: There are indeed scammers
Yuyou Mengmeng 001 Say: I have a fish merchant on WeChat, and a big wholesaler. I saw an eye-catching Super Red Arowana wholesaler selling 5000 and a fish merchant selling 12000, but it is normal to think about it.
Tayuobaba Say: Must be exposed
Fish Friends vaguely Say: Some people buy and others sell
Yuyou Fei Tong Xiaoke Say: Normal, the price differenceWhat kind of lamp is good for raising red dragon)Red dragon use led or nec,Which lamp is good for selling red dragon fish:Yulong International Red Dragon Fish Lamp$Red Arowana 30000k lamp&Red Dragon use three primary lights%Does Red Dragon need red and white lights to turn on together/What is the size of red dragon side light^The brand of red dragon fish is good%

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