If the water quality is kept clear 2m0708 fish tank bottom filter

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  Qianneng qq Say: Three words: dont be lazy
Yuyou carved your heart Say: The water pump is sufficient, the filter material and the cotton are sufficient, and they are indispensable.
Yuyou Peak qq Say: Change water frequently, wash cotton frequently, etc.
Guan Yu Say: Learn
Yuyou57078291 Say: If the stool cannot be filtered, an advanced mop is needed for agitation.
Yuyou18613515088 Say: There is no shortage of filtering materials
Yuyou13525094018 Say: Change water frequently, wash cotton frequently, feed in moderation
Yuyou Jianyu Weixin Say: The water quality is clear, there are several elements, one is that there are not too many fish, novices add fish, and veterans reduce fish; second, fish are not changed a lot every week, one quarter is enough; third, the bottom filter material is based on the water flowThe placement is reasonable; the fourth is to buy genuine filter materials, and the filter materials cost a penny; the other thing is that your fish tank is designed reasonably. Generally, you do nt have the conditions to put such a large fish tank at home.I wish you a clear water
Fish friend legmz Say: All problems were solved by changing water frequentlyGolden Dragon Polyculture Video!Blue Arowana can be mixed with Koi%What kind of fish is the best for koi fish?$Arowana and Brazilian subculture video/Cultivating Dragon and Phoenix Koi Video~Latest Arowana Video CollectionArowana and swallow polyculture video:Arowana polyculture video Daquan video HD.Can Arowana be mixed with koi@Best video of arowana polyculture,

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