Finally the day came!!

Hey guys, Ive been keeeping this pair of hb rtg for close to 3 years on my 5 by 2 by 20"; tank。 They have been tgt since 7";。
Last night when I came home from work, decided to have a look on my pair。 I was surprised to see the male fella carrying eggs in the mouth。
Called up some bros and asked for their opinions。 I was asked to seperate the female aro from the male。 A avoid letting the male aro get stressed。
Heres a short video of the male aro carrying the eggs。 Very sorry for the poor video
Heres the link of the guys before
All comments are welcome。 Be it good or bad。
congrats bro。。。 wish u all the best n hope the babies survive。。
>gratz on your breeding =)
>congratulations。。。。 this is indeed a very very rare occasion。。。。。。

Finally the day came!! AROWANA Forum>Good new hope to see the baby aro。。
>congrats bro, i still remember tat time u ask me whether they are a pair when i visited u at yr house。
hope all things goes well and u be famous!!!
>wow。。rare congrats bro。。(=
>Great congrats!! Great success indeed。
>Tag congratuation。 U ignited my love for aros again。 Theres new comer to occupy yr the other tank no nid to get another aros。
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    Finally the day came!!
    2019-06-05 16:50:57 Contents
    Parrot fish tank*
    Finally the day came!!
    2019-10-25 12:24:01 Contents
    Thrush thrombotrophic feed formula~

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