Lets talk about the small problems of horse carving

  I bought a new 600.400.400 cylinders, intends to raise 10 horse eagles, we have 10 of 100 yuan, the smallest, and then the question comes, 1.What is the white sand on the bottom of the tank, how much is a pound, how much does my tank use?2.Does the background paper of the cylinder use stickers? I see a lot of blue ones, and some imitate fake stone layers.

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  Fan Ketu Say: Philippine White Sands
Yuyou Fan Ke teasing Say: Philippine White Sands
Yuyou Investment Say: Same as above, about 3 pounds, more beautiful stickers
Fish friend hailixuebao Say: 10 yuan for 100 yuan may be hormone sea bream.Baisha is Philippine Sands.
The fisherman draws are deceptive Say: Replying to @hailixuebao: Are you playing hormones?
Yuyou Mugu Morning Clock Say: Non-Concierge White Sand
Yuyou cngogjivw Say: Philippines sand, the background of the small tank is made of pure black or pure blue wallpaper, the thickness of the sand should not exceed 3 centimeters and twenty kilograms.
Yuyou Say: The background is still pretty in stone
Yuyou smiled sadly Say: Onlookersbear张艺兴tattoo的背景Can Arowana be kept with forage fish~Are guppies sick by eating red worms.How to deal with frozen red insects and then feed the fish)Guppies eat red worms?Can guppies eat red bugs:Red Arowana fed barley worm for three years"Arowana monoculture!How to deal with live red worms/Can goldfish feed red bugs for a long time?(Red insect lyophilized can feed guppy juvenilesLets talk about the small problems of horse carving!


    Lets talk about the small problems of horse carving
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