Novices like seniors asked questions

  Novices like seniors asked questionsI am 150 wide 65 cylinder inner diameter 145-60-70

Do I want to raise 5 Arowanas or 3 Arowanas?

Before mixing one red and one gold, there were also five silver Arowanas. The golden arowanas and Super Red Arowanas were very powerful.

I want to consider three polycultures with two reds and one gold 5 tigers

Is my tank ok?Not too crowded!

Please help me as the staff grows up, thank you.

  = (Comments on alliance SianLon Arowana Aquatic friends) =

   zhj2711 Say: Dont mix if you can
Yuyou Xiaohange @ Say: If you want to raise the density of polyculture, you can avoid fighting, if it is two or three kinds of fierce species, it will definitely die.
Yuyou lazy man Say: Polyculture is not easy
Yuyou week1976 Say: It will be separately explained that it is not suitable. Forcible mixing also requires a tank to repair the wound. What do I like? I still like polyculture. Fighting makes me suffer. If I use 150 people to grow up, there are two.,
Tayuobaba Say: Polyculture needs high density, your tank size is not enough
Yuyou Peak qq Say: Fish farming is only fine, not much, this is a fight problem, not how many fish
Yuyou Fei Tong Xiaoke Say: Do nt mix so much if the tank is not big
Fish friend kuny kun Say: Just raise it alone
Yuyoushibin18 Say: High density in polycultureHow to change the red dragon fish cylinder$Can the red dragon fish be kept with the map!What red dragon fish do bottom filtering#What red dragon fish can adjust acidic water quality@Why the red dragon fish swims crookedly$What to do if the red dragon fish falls out%Red dragon fish can feed big grass carp block%How big can red arowana eat live food~


    Novices like seniors asked questions
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    Homemade clown fish feed formula*

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