The fish refuses to move is it lazy?

  The fish refuses to move is it lazy?After changing the water, the water is also transparent, and the fish is put back again, but is it still the bottom of the tank?Why?When I put it outside in the basin I made in the local freshwater lake, it was lively again, whats the matter?Is cylindrical cylinder really not suitable for raising koi?The fish refuses to move is it lazy? AROWANA Forum ASIAN AROWANA,AROWANA,STINGRAY The1sheet

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  A Qiaofeng Say: 1 its too cold
Cui Yiping Say: 1
Yuyou13580531831 Say: 1 Unfit
Yuyou Promi 001 Say: 1 Poor water quality
Yuyou Promi 001 Say: 1 Not filtered
Qi Haidong Say: 1 This tank is still suitable for fish.
Cui Yiping Say:
The first acquaintance of fish friends Koi Say: 1 Definitely not lazy!There are lazy people and no lazy fish!Buy a bigger tank with a filter, preferably a bottom filter!Your condition is really not suitable for raising koi!
Yuyou 13470365601 Say: This fish tank should keep goldfish.Koi does not go with this thing.Koi is a large aquarium aquarium fish.What is needed is a large water body as the premise of feeding conditions.The goldfish fits your small tank.The koi carp will jump on the tank, so you should raise goldfish instead.Or have an idea to go to the tank or fish pond.What fish does not have high temperature requirements,Fish water temperature requirements%Fish with low water temperature requirements*Swordfish Variety Picture@Food fish with high water quality requirements%What fish does not require high oxygen.Aquarium fish with low water temperature(Feeding fish with low water temperature requirements)Low temperature fish&Tropical fish with low temperature requirements$

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