Build a fish pond to raise three lakes

  Ready to be 2 meters long, 1 meter high, 1 meter wide, 1 meter thick tempered glass, 1 meter, 8 meters, 1 meter, 8 meters longBuild a fish pond to raise three lakes AROWANA Forum

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   brian810814 Say: 1 Raising Three Lakes in the open air?
Yuyou o ヾ 暗 ﹎ 淡… Say: 1 Is tempered glass safe?
Fish Friends Clockwise Say: 1 Tempered glass can not be used for fish tank
Yuyou Say: 1 How do you heat the fish pond?
Yuyou yu1848821 Say: 1 Heating in winter is a problem, and is it toughened to stick to the fish tank?.This fish tank came out tall
Fish Friends Sonicpt001 Say: 1 I dont know if tempered glass works ~

Anyway, it s okay to do it in Dali ~ As long as the money keeps up, it s not a problem
Fish Friends African Prince Say: 1 If the southern Pearl River Delta, the minimum outdoor temperature in winter is about 10 degrees, heating up to keep up, the problem is not big
Fish Friends Hansen001 Say: 1 Tempered glass does not work
Yuyou cngogjivw Say: 2 Tempered glass can never be used. It is better to apply two layers of super white. This is more difficult, and there is no way to stretch it.
Raising tropical fish outdoors, burning money, are you afraid of freezing to death?Hainan can, the heating in the south can keep up, and the north cant do itgiant fishWhat food do turtles like to eat^What to feed turtle breeding&How to make turtle feed yourself@How to do turtle,The difference between turtle and turtle.Little turtle"s video is rubbish/What food do turtles eat$Turtle breeding methods"How much feed do turtles feed a day:Build a fish pond to raise three lakes。

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