The development of ornamental fish — Arowana

  The history of the development of ornamental fish — Arowana Arowana was discovered in the 1930s, but at the time, arowana has been used as food fish by local indigenous people.Until the 1950s, aquarium farmed arowana gradually appeared in North America.After that, the dragon fish became unacceptable as an ornamental fish, and became popular from then on. In Asia, arowana culture was first started in Southeast Asia.Because of the unique appearance of the dragon fish, many Southeast Asian merchants raised the dragon fish as a feng shui fish and gradually developed it, which has since laid the foundation for the dragon fish as an ornamental fish.The development of ornamental fish — Arowana AROWANA Forum ASIAN AROWANA,AROWANA,STINGRAY The1sheet The development of arowana as an ornamental fish is also inseparable from policy support.Things are rare, because dragon fish players are getting higher and higher, leading to the spread of the fishing wave. In 1980, the Washington Convention officially listed Asian dragon fish as an endangered animal, and issued a ban to fishing.Since then, breeding Asian arowana has become a luxury.In 1989, the Washington Convention Organization convened the seventh general meeting in Lausanne, Switzerland, which could give Indonesia a limited arowana export quota of no more than 1,500 arowana.And these arowanas are also the second generation of arowanas bred from an Asian arowana farm in Indonesia. With the continuous improvement of artificial breeding technology, in 1994, the Washington Convention Organization held the ninth member meeting in Florida, the United States, Indonesia s limited arowana export quota was cancelled.Three generations of dragon fish.However, it is required to implant electronic microchips in the 13-15cm dragon fish sold as a mark to identify the identity of the dragon fish. As an ornamental fish, arowana stepped into the vast families step by step.At present, there are many people who grow arowana in China. As an ornamental fish, arowana ranks first in the country. This article is from Jingcheng Fengshui Arowana Culture Hall, please indicate the source when reprinting.
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The development of ornamental fish — Arowana AROWANA Forum ASIAN AROWANA,AROWANA,STINGRAY The2sheetHow to do feed with creation and magic mammoth:Where is it better to create golden arowana&How to do with creative shark feed@How much creation and magic elf fish/Creation and magic eel?Creation and Magic Fish Distribution!Golden Dragon of Creation and Magic~Creation with magic tiger grouperCreation and Magic New Arowana%


    The development of ornamental fish — Arowana
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