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  arowana acnlArowanaExcuse me, my current fish tank is 1.2 meters * 0.8 meters * 0.With a water level of 6 meters, a blue-backed golden arowana and 5 Indonesian tigers were raised. Before this, 1 NEC 6700K and 1 NEC 15000K purple and blue lamps were hung on the tie bars for ceiling lights.: 30,17: 30-21:30, two lights are turned on at the same time, but there is an eye drop phenomenon, suspected to be too bright or uneven lightingNow I plan to use one NEC 6700K as a ceiling light, with the light on time from 05:00 to 09:00, and the other 15000K purple blue placed on the front of the fish tank next to the water level for the underwater light.—21: 30, is this plan feasible?Please also advise the cause of the blind eye?

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  I used to toss Say: Eyes fall, the Arowana fish is old.
Yuyou Guoze Say: Not feasible.Short exposure time!I usually irradiate for 24 hours
Yuyou Guoze Say: The irradiation time is too short, I usually irradiate for 24 hours.If you dont turn on the lights at night, you must lose your eyes!
Yuyou a277469421 Say: Eyes fall, the Arowana fish is old.
Yuyou Xiaoshuaishuai 001 Say: Naturally it started to fall, and it still fell when it was done.
Yuyou zp850621 Say: If the lighting is even, let it be natural, and feed less protein-rich foods.
Yuyou Peak qq Say: Let it take its course and follow the laws of nature.You dont need to turn on the light during the day, just turn it on for a few hours at night
Yuyou carved your heart Say: Its fine to fall off slightly.
Fish friend legmz Say: The flow rate of the pump is larger, so feed less and watch it not fallWhat is the best effect of arowana?What Arowana loves to eat~What to feed arowana%Which country is Arowana??How many centimeters can an arowana grow in a year^What Arowana likes to eat(How often to feed the arowana%What do Arowana generally eat:What food do fish like to eat/What is best to feed silver arowana*

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