How to deal with the uneven ground of the fish tank

  I bought a new fish tank. The floor of my home is 2 mm away. After using the coin pad, the door of the fish tank cabinet is not stuck. There is a jam before the mat, but there is a jam after the water is filled.
What should I do if its the ground?

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  Stupid NANA Say:
Yuyou HuanG0010003 Say:
Yuyou Dark Night Emperor Say: It will deform a little after releasing water
Yuyou Say: Steel frame doesnt work, what materials are used?
Yuyou Say: The square tube is the best.
Yuyu Coriander 66 Say:
I ca nt see the finished cylinder I bought
The square tube is the best.
Yuyou Longer Say: 2mm without pads.
Yuyu Coriander 66 Say: Reply @ 龙儿 乖乖: There is a door panel that is tight after the water is drained, and it should still have different stress points.Dont know what to do
Yuyoubinweixin008 Say: First of all, you need to consider whether your floor is wooden or ceramic tiles. Personal suggestions are better.
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    How to deal with the uneven ground of the fish tank
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