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  Fish farming, in the final analysis, is to raise water. Through the adjustment of water quality, a water environment suitable for fish life is constructed, so that the ornamental fish can grow healthy in a closed environment.The fundamental purpose of water quality conditioning is to degrade harmful substances in the water. Among them, highly toxic substances such as ammonia nitrogen and nitrite mainly depend on the nitrification system for biological decomposition, and eventually form nitrates with low toxicity.However, the continuous accumulation of nitrate will cause the PH value of the water to drop. At the same time, phosphate, sulfide and other harmful substances in the water cannot be decomposed by the nitrification system. Long-term accumulation leads to the aging of the water and the sub-health state of the fish even threatens life.

There are many ways to solve the aging of water, such as absorption and decomposition of green plants through hydroponic cultivation, and electrolytic separation through electrolysis equipment. However, the most common and effective method is water exchange!
When it comes to changing water, every fisherman should think it is very simple. Is nt it just taking part of the old water and adding new water? That s right. This is the conventional way of changing water. Today I m going to introduce another way of changing water.Water mode-24-hour trickle water change.

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1. Introduction:
The so-called trickle water exchange is to fill the fish tank with a small stream of water for 24 hours without interruption, and at the same time set up an overflow port in the fish tank, so that new water can be continuously injected and old water can flow out continuously.Here are the advantages and disadvantages of this water change method:

Second, the advantages and disadvantages of trickle water exchange

(1) First talk about the disadvantages:
1. It is necessary to punch holes in the fish tank glass for overflow, which brings inconvenience to the already used fish tank.If your tank has been filled with water to raise fish and you do nt want to damage the glass of the fish tank, you can also use the double U-tube siphon principle to achieve non-perforated overflow (this is not discussed in this article, I will post a detailed introduction, interestedFriends can also communicate directly with me)
2. The water source should be handled well, because the water is no longer trapped, so the water flowing into the fish tank must be clean and safe
3. The trickle speed is not easy to control. If the trickle is too fast, the fish may not be able to bear it. If the trickle is too slow, the effect of changing the water cannot be achieved (do nt worry, I will tell you how to master the speed soon)
4. Two water pipes should be laid, one for entering new water and one for draining old water. The first construction is more troublesome (this is no way, if you want to save trouble, you have to first trouble)

(Two) talk about advantages
1. Stable water quality: As new external water is continuously injected and old water is continuously discharged, simulating the living water in natural rivers, various indicators of fish tank water quality will reach a dynamic balance.Needless to say, the state of the fish.
2. Simple and trouble-free: If you only have one tank in your house, you cant feel it. When you have many tanks, especially large tanks, you will find that changing the water is a very troublesome thing. The trickle water replacement perfectly solves this problem.I have raised dozens of stingrays, large and small, and have never used a trapped water tank for so many years.
3. Avoid accidents: avoid water quality shocks caused by a large number of water changes, avoid low-level mistakes such as adding water and forgetting to turn off the faucet, and reduce the occurrence of accidents.

3. How to construct a trickle water exchange system

(1) Water treatment system
In order to ensure the safety of the water source, it is recommended to add a water treatment system. Here I recommend the use of activated carbon + ultrafiltration. Activated carbon can adsorb chlorine gas (of course, calcium sulfite can also be used to remove chlorine balls). Ultrafiltration can make the water greater than 0.The impurities of 01 microns are filtered out, and the sterile water comes out.

Activated carbon can use triplets or carbon canisters; try to choose large ones for ultrafiltration. In addition, ultrafiltration needs to drain waste water regularly. You can connect the waste water pipe to a mop pool or wash basin so that every time you wash the mop and wash your handsTo complete the blowdown of ultrafiltration.

(Two) pipeline system
There is nothing to say about the water pipe. Just ask a water and electrician to get it. Try to use PPR fittings for the pipe, which is safe and stable and will not rust.It is recommended to use a 2-point thin tube in series with a small valve in series to facilitate adjustment of the water intake.

In addition, keep the water inlet and water outlet as far apart as possible to avoid that the fresh water that has just flowed in has not been fully mixed and then drained.

Fourth, how to control the water intake

(1) The relationship between the amount of trickle injection and the actual water exchange
The trickle water exchange is a very complicated dynamic process. After the new water enters, it mixes with the old water and then discharges it together. No one can figure out how much water has been changed.50% of the new water is also continuously draining 50% of the water, so how much water do I actually change in a day?"I really cant answer this question at once, but I like to make things clear. I think we can definitely find a mathematical model to solve the mystery of the actual amount of water changed by trickle water exchange. Let me deduce it below. The calculation process is allHandwritten for myself, fish friends with good mathematical skills can see the detailed process, and fish friends who do not understand can directly see the conclusion.

First we assume:
The total amount of water in a fish tank is 1 (that is, 100%),
The amount of fresh water trickling into the tank 24 hours a day is x (for example, 20% or 30%, 50%, etc.),
One day, the actual amount of fresh water in the fish tank is y,

(2) How to find the most suitable drip velocity
Many fish friends often ask me this question: "My tank is 3 meters * 1 meter * 1 meter. How much new water should I drop into each day?”这个问题,我也不好回答,影响因素很多:你养了几条鱼?什么鱼种?多大的尺寸?每天喂多少食物?。。。。。。




4、滴流速度的测定方法很简单,找个500毫升的矿泉水瓶子,滴满一瓶,记一下用时,就可以算出来一天的总水流量了。当然,albino arowana加个管道式流量计更直观。


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