The value of keeping a dragon


It is believed that it is an inevitable trend for Arowana to continuously develop from luxury goods of aquarium pets to public pets.With the continuous improvement of mass consumption levels.More people tend to pursue spiritual life.The value of keeping a dragon td People can no longer just be satisfied with the fulfillment of the material life of food, clothing, shelter and transportation.More people are turning their attention to high-grade aquarium pets, in order to enrich the connotation of life, cultivate their mind and meet the needs of spiritual life.The charm of arowana is bound to be accepted by more consumers.A few years ago, the field of arowana breeding and appreciation that the economic veterans were involved in will surely be open to the public.

Have you ever wondered what your expectations are for arowana breeding?Is it to meet the needs of spiritual life?Satisfied with curiosity?Or was it impressed by the charm of arowana?How do you position Arowana facing various price levels in the aquarium pet market?Any hobby investment must have economic backing.No material guarantee is empty talk.But I am more advocating the pursuit of spiritual level, the life I expect is a hard day, go back home and see the feeling of dragon listening to music.Let your heart fly freely with the rhythm of music and the dancing pose of dragon fish.All the worries are forgotten.I value the whole process of raising dragons more because this is also real life.Gained knowledge and made friends in this world.I believe this is the true meaning of raising dragons.Black pepper red dragon fish I think this is the value of keeping the dragon.Therefore, cheap dragons and precious dragons, I only choose according to my needs.I am eager to appreciate Minglongs style and appreciate the charm of infrared and Robin Limet, but I will never do anything beyond my ability, because home is more important than dragon fish.Your wife is really with you for life.Only standing on this level, no matter if there are two thousand dragons or twenty thousand dragons, you will be relished.So I dont advise you to buy Limet when you have money.

I hate the argument of raising dragons and being played.As his master, you need to have certain feeding skills and appreciation level to cook its daily life.Create a good living space for him, good water quality conditions, and rich and diverse food supply.But only if he is your friend and not a doll."Play Dragon" is not your proud capital.Although we need strict requirements, careful sculpting, and nurturing it into talents, these have nothing to do with "playing dragons."Raising a dragon is like cultivating your own children, although we sometimes reprimand or even corporal punishment, because we hate iron and steel.It is because "love" her rather than "play".I am not opposed to your pursuit of a higher level of arowana, I just warn you that you should tell your wife truthfully whether you spend 3,000 or 300,000, because he is your other half.Dont tell him that you bought a Robin Limet for three thousand yuan.Although that is a good lie.

Raising a dragon requires constant enthusiasm instead of momentary preferences!You should always treat it as a part of the family members and never give up.Even if you really want to evacuate from this position, at least you have to find an ideal destination for him.When you hold your wife and girl in front of the tank to appreciate the graceful dance of dragon fish, this kind of life atmosphere is his real value.

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