On the influence of minerals (macro elements and trace elements) on arowana

  On the influence of minerals (macro elements and trace elements) on arowanaTalking about the influence of minerals (macro elements and trace elements) on arowana td Talking about the influence of minerals (macro elements and trace elements) on arowana td

The minerals in fish can be divided into constant elements (such as calcium, phosphorus, etc.) and trace elements (such as iron, zinc, manganese, copper, cobalt, selenium, etc.) according to the content.The lack of a certain mineral in the bait can also cause fish metabolic disorders, and even serious death.

Calcium and phosphorus are closely related in the metabolism of fish. The lack of one of the two will affect the nutritional value of the other.About 80% of the calcium in the fish body is stored in the bone, and about 10% is present in the skin (including scales); the phosphorus in the fish body is 50-60% in the bone.For arowana, the effect of calcium and phosphorus deficiency is more obvious.It is often seen that some arowana live in the best equipment, and the food is constantly flowing, but the problems of phosphorus decay and transitional obesity occur, but the owner loves the fish and feeds too much, but there is no main thing.Result of calcium and phosphorus deficiency and imbalance.

The lack of trace elements will also affect the arowana.Iron deficiency can cause iron deficiency anemia.When zinc is deficient, there will be poor growth, high mortality, inflammation of the fins and skin, and even cataracts.The content of manganese in fish is the highest in bones; if manganese is lacking, it will cause abnormal growth and shrinkage of the tail of the fish tail, and if it is also lack of phosphorus, it will cause hypoplasia.Copper is mainly present in the liver of fish. If it is lacking, it will cause weight loss.Cobalt is the main component of vitamin B12, and the deficiency will cause the above-mentioned symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency.The physiological role of selenium is closely related to the role of vitamin E. In the absence of fish, there will be muscular dysplasia and high mortality of young fish.Most of the iodine is present in the thyroid gland, and the lack of iodine will cause the arowana to die.

These mineral elements are almost all soluble in water.If the water used is manually filtered, it is recommended to add trace elements every time the water is changed.In addition, it is recommended that you use small fish with high phosphorus content as the main food of arowana, and insects as a side food to balance the nutrition of things and ensure the healthy growth of arowana.

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