The abominable white point is that it cannot be removed

  Come to help the seniors again, the new fish has been in the tank for two weeks, everything is good for bloodshot, but there are so many white spots, if there are no old fish, there are new fish!It has been warming by 30 ° for five days. The water is changed every day. The water is also very clean. I also soaked it three times with Dolphin Borax white point nemesis, but it was not clean!After two days, there will be a lot of white spots on the tail . Is it a problem with my medicine?

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  Step on me you are unlucky Say: 1 Be patient, do nt worry, it s not good for fish
Muyu Say: 1 Filter material does not work
Yuyou13580531831 Say: 1 On the tail?It is also possible for acne
The first acquaintance of fish friends Koi Say: Its really stubborn. How about the water quality?
Fish Friends Husband Love Dabao Say: 1 White spots can be treated
Yuyu fish_ball Say: 1 Just change the water frequently.
Fish Friends Fat Say: 1 The last picture is not so difficult to cure
Yuyou sky19791111 Say: If its urgent, its not good for fish
Yuyou plh0827 Say: The temperature is too high, just make sure it is around 25,The Ugly Red Dragon Fish Picture#Adult fish red arowana polyculture video~Indonesian award winning red dragon fish,Red dragon fish old Shen cylinder low.Why there are drops of water on the red dragon fish:How to prevent the red dragon fish from falling?Red Dragon Fish Squid@Shenzhen Big Wave Red Dragon Fish Sell!Red Arowana is always hiding in the corner"The abominable white point is that it cannot be removed。

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