Dragon cylinder night light

  Chuangning 35cm 3W LED please grow 1.2 meters * width 0.Will the 8-meter Arowana jar be too bright for night lights?Ask me where to put the night light?Is it okay to put the tie bar?

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   legmz Say: This is not a night light, too long
Yuyou lazy man Say: Dont understand
Yuyou jacket1976 Say:

Dragon cylinder night light AROWANA ForumFor recommendation, do not like the round 1W spotlight legmz
This is not a night light, too long
Yuyou u135AEKD6302 Say: X Bao Shang 2.The night light of 5 yuan is more.
Yuyou originally liked tossing Say: 1 Not used, not clear
Yuyou Longer Say: Just buy the round night light
Yuyou Qiuweixin002 Say: Not finished
Yuyou Zuge Say: I dont need to be natural
Fish friend legmz Say:
If the Arowana fish is not surprised at night, it is unnecessary. Jacket1976
For recommendation, do not like the round 1W spotlightaquarium的意思myanmar musicRed dragon fish scratches on scales^Red Arowana does not open into the tank%Indonesian red arowana life)Is red arowana difficult to raise.What are the top red arowana brands,What is the TDS of Red Arowana&Weifang Red Dragon Fish Wholesale%The difference between the scale shape of red dragon fish$Red Arowana feeding conditions and methods*Tianjin Red Dragon Fish Wholesale Market$

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