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  Just half a month after I opened the tank, I didnt know anything about fish farming. I would like to ask you a few questions about equipment and configuration.Fish tank: 80 * 30 * 40cm (no plants, only fish) Upper filter tank: 70cm (double-layer filter cotton, the upper layer is green and white cotton, and the lower layer is white).Anti-gas lift: 11cm diameter, 38cm high (inside the yellow bacteria house, two oxygen cakes are placed inside) Lamp: LED blue and white waterproof lamp from the boss.Oxygen pump: Sensens dual-port oxygen pump.Water pump: Songbaos three-in-one (should be the smallest one of 15W, I feel that the water flow is a little insufficient, I bought two bottom suction pumps to prepare one of the two, and are on the road) Fish tank location: The light in the living room is not dark.The sunlight will not hit directly, nor will the floor tiles be reflected.Feeding: about 50 capsules each time in the morning and middle of the day, about 3mm in diameter.Water change: One quarter or one fifth every week, the current water quality is not turbid.The fish is 6 koi and 5 grass gold (approximately 10-15cm) from the boss. Question 1: I dont quite understand the choice of lamp.After the tank break, I am going to raise a parrot and a map. Do I need to change a light now?Is lighting necessary?Question 2: When is the end of the break?Can you put other fish?Question 3: If you look closely, the water is a little bit green and yellow. Its not very obvious. I dont know if its the light or the wallpaper on the wall.What if it is green or yellow?Question 4: Please help the gods to analyze and analyze, what else needs to be improved in my equipment and methods, thank you ps: I have found a lot of places to learn fish farming, and finally found it here, pure hands, sincerely ask for advice, please give me advice

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  rcdaf Say: Ask the great god for advice
Yuyou Dalongwei004 Say: Keeping maps and parrot tanks is a bit small. The lights are selected according to the fish. Parrot red LED is enough. Parrots and maps do not need to break into the tank. Heating rods are essential!
Yuyou rcdaf Say: Replying to @ 大 龙 wei004: I plan to buy a small 10cm to feed and play.Is there a good power-saving heater recommended?
Yuyou Dalongwei004 Say: Ordinary 100w will do
Yuyou rcdaf Say: Reply @ 大 龙 wei004: Customer service recommends that I buy 300
Yuyou Dalongwei004 Say: Reply @rcdaf: Your tank is 100w small enough, 200w is also acceptable, 300w is not necessary!
Yuyou Xiaolei Say: Learn

most expensive fishNovice fish farming new arrival sincerely ask for advice AROWANA ForumHow about German Most Feed*Sheep fed pellet feed"How many pellets a fish feeds a day@Japan Nissin Maru red feed is good.How much feed do goldfish feed a day!Most feed prices)How much feed do goldfish eat a day#Which kind of best feed is best to use(

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