arowana acnlQuestion about Baolan and Bao frame


The fish dealer told me that Jinlong Baolan uses all black tanks as much as possible and turns on the lights less.
The thin frame needs to lower the water level, that is, it is raised in shallow water.

Another fish merchant said differently about the lights, saying that it is enough to turn on the lights during the day, and only use one white light.
What logic is this?Isnt the light blue when the light is on for a long time?Or will it stay blue when the lights are turned on normally during the day?Why is the low water level easy to save the frame?

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   God says 001 Say: Grilled fish
Yuyou destroys Ls soul Say: Dont turn on the light
Fish Friends Carl.Tin Say: Bacheng relies on genes
Yuyou A.Lover Say: Most male fish are gold.The female fish may remain blue permanently.
Amo Say: 1 Jinlong will eat the box sooner or later
Aquarium fish swims beautifully Say: learning
Yuyu Jingyu Say: I did nt turn on the light recently, it s a bit blue
Yuyou Junqing Say: Keep blue on black for longer
Yuyu Chubby Xiaolongyu Say: I have to retire when I grow upEarthworms as turtle feed$How to feed turtle feed yourself$Turtle puffed feed formula@Black fish feed formula*Turtle Ecological Farming&Homemade turtle feed formulaTurtle feed coefficient^Feed formula for farmed turtles!Turtle feed(Turtle breeding)arowana acnlQuestion about Baolan and Bao frame!

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