Arowana body formation and maintenance methods

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  Arowana body formation and maintenance methods

The reason why the dragon fish is attractive, in addition to its varied body color performance, the most important thing is of course its imposing body, and this is also the most distinctive place of the dragon fish, so how to develop itAnd maintaining the shape of the dragon fish has become a very important issue for friends who like the dragon fish.So how to raise the dragon fish into the "big" dragon in mind, or maintain its elegant posture, let this chapter share with you.

Everyone knows how to say that the dragon fish can be regarded as a large fish. Whatever the past experience, the Asian dragon fish can reach a maximum of one meter. Although this type of body is no longer seen, it can beI am sure that there are still 60-70cm body types, but in general, as long as you work hard and take good time to raise them, most of them can easily reach a large body size of 40-50cm. From an appreciation point of view, I believe that in the worldAmong the arowana lovers, there must be more friends who pay more attention to body size than color, and there are many people who continue to make unremitting efforts with the ultimate goal of keeping their arowana above 60cm.The charm of the huge body dragon fish, I believe that everyone who has seen it must be moved by it, and for such a reason, even if the number of dragon fish is much higher than in the past, the dragon fish can continue to bring youInfinitely moved.

Shape the body-the development of large arowana

Body shape, although the genes must be the key, but even if you get high-quality arowana, it will still reduce the performance of the fish after the fish grows because of the feeding method of the owner. This statement is recognized by everyone."Body shape" is one of the goals that everyone is pursuing besides the color of arowana. So how do we grow a large arowana?Perhaps the following two points can be used as a reference for everyone to implement in feeding.

First of all, the most important consideration is the size of the breeding environment (eg; aquarium, small pond). This may seem simple, but it is not so easy to implement because there are too many objective practical problems.Overcome, if your goal is 60 ~ 70CM, the size of the feeding environment should be at least 3 meters X 1 meter large, such conditions will have a better chance to achieve the goal you want. Furthermore, the longer the environment length,As a result, the growth rate will also increase, and the height of the water will of course be as deep as possible (60-60 cm is the most basic depth). Of course, filtration is absolutely not sloppy, if the body length exceeds 60 cmIf the goal (most dragonfish will reach this level) is at least 180x80x60 cm size aquarium, the overall water volume including the filtration system should be at least about one ton.

The second is to feed a large amount of (correct) bait. It is of course indispensable to grow the arowanas body in a large, diverse, adequate and nutritious bait, because even if your aquarium is too large, if you feed too little food,If they are not nutritious enough, the growth of arowana will still be limited. Although this is the case, how to make them all get appropriate and sufficient food is not a smooth and easy task.If the dragon fish can eat all the feed obediently every time, of course it is the best, but such a dragon fish is very rare, because, often accompanied by some problems, the dragon fish refused to eat, these causes may be water qualityDeterioration, illness, mental stress, or the fact that the fish itself is easy to picky eat, etc. If these problems do not occur during the feeding process, it is still smooth, but if some problems of refusing to eat still occur regularly,Of course, it will affect the growth of the arowana body. Therefore, how to effectively avoid and overcome the so-called refusal to eat and poor appetite has become another focus of body formation.

Pursuit of head shape-achievement of spoon head

In addition to body color and body shape, the head shape of the dragon fish is also a part of everyones heated discussion and pursuit, especially the so-called "spoon head". The performance of such a head shape has become the standard of a good dragon fish in front.First, such a head shape may be due to the relationship between the curves, which makes the dragon fishs posture more streamlined and comfortable when swimming, and it has become a necessary aesthetic angle over time.

Generally speaking, the head shape of arowana can be roughly divided into three types. (1) The top of the head is a fish with a straight line and a triangular shape. This is the most basic head performance, and it can also be regarded as the performance of most arowana.(2) A fish with a cannonball-shaped head, that is, a slender head shape (3) It is the spoon head that everyone is after. Maybe some people will say that the curve of the head is not a genetic inheritance?Shouldnt it be possible to change?Even so, in some cases, the ratio of head shape to trunk can be adjusted, just like if your fish is the first type of head shape (basic triangle), you can feed a lot ofThe high-calorie feed and raw bait make it full and strong, so that the top part of the back will start to accumulate fat. When the whole back bulges, the whole curve looks like a fish with a spoon head.

Although it seems simple to provide sufficient bait, what other method can be used to achieve this figure besides this, first of all, in the aquarium part, it is opposite to the method of raising other large fish species, because if you want to developThe plump body type, when the aquarium is too large, there is enough activity space, and the arowana will consume too much heat, so it is more difficult to make it plump, so it may be more appropriate to keep it in a smaller aquarium, Followed by a large amount of high-calorie, high-protein feed or raw bait, as mentioned above, in terms of types, it is probably ground earthworms, beef hearts, shrimps, artificial cockroaches, bullfrogs, etc., among which the ground earthworms should beThe most recommended raw bait, in the end, is to choose arowana with good appetite. As for the water quality, of course, it is necessary to maintain a certain level. Under these points, if it can continue steadily, then the strong body and spoon head will beAt the same time.

Arowana with high "body height"

As mentioned above, the way to develop a spoon head can actually increase the height at the same time. The fish that was originally the spoon head will also look more domineering and more beautiful. For shaping the body, the most important thing is to letEat the fish as much as possible, and use the method described in the previous paragraph. In addition to the methods mentioned above, if you can match the medley, the effect will be more significant, because during the medley, almost all arowana may be under the pressure of competition.It will exceed the expected food intake, and of course this method can also be used in other large fish to be mixed, so many experienced players, Green Pepper Red Dragon cultivation in addition to raising dragon fish, will also polyculture otherMany large fish species not only make the aquarium look more energetic, the fish will also eat regularly, the key is to achieve our desired purpose.

Whether it is to achieve soup ladle head or tall body arowana, let the fish accumulate some fat on the body, but if overweight, it is easy to make the arowana suffer from nutritional diseases, so between these twoTherefore, the breeder still has to be careful and careful to feed them in order to get the most benefit.

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