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If you want to raise a dragon, first ask yourself if you can bear loneliness .
I often see Longyou calling for the transfer of Ailong s nickname on the Internet. I often see fishermen s friends who are just one year old and have their hair coloring. I also often see Longyou asking for another good dragonInstead of mentioning the slightest half of the big dragon, I saw the young arowana just over the year old.I was really anxious (what a good dragon, why not mine?) It is the most glorious period of Arowana, why cant you stick to it?
Think about it before raising a dragon
Once I bought a dragon and went home happily, Im afraid no one would think of where this dragon will come in three years and ten years later.Although the dragon fish is small, it is really a burden to raise it. Without sufficient ideological preparation, I am afraid that it cannot withstand the test of time.There is no specific conclusion on the lifespan of arowana. At least there are very few dragons. Fortunately, the lifespan of arowana should be at least 20 years. What?For a long time, few people can hold on, (Yang Guo can, I believe), because?Some people raised Xiaolong to Jackie Chan, and then raised to the old to look around, very few people have accompanied them for 20 years.At the same time, Mei Chens two red dragons attracted a lot of praise, but also attracted a lot of blame. I also respond to this kind of behavior?Disgusted, but the pseudo-professional imagination?5, 5 years, raise the dragon, my dragon is not yet one year old, really not qualified to comment, because?It may not be as good as others.Therefore, some people say that raising dragons is an adult activity. On the one hand, there are reasons for funding. On the other hand, whether they can peacefully adhere to their interests is probably not the choice of fickle young people pursuing new affairs.

Correctly view the growth of arowana
The maturity of Golden Dragon is the process of its growth, ranging from 3 years to 5 years. The maturity of Red Dragon is longer. From 5 years up, there are individuals who have developed color for 8 years and 10 years. Waited?In fact, the hardest period for raising dragons is the second year after the dragons are raised. The general interest is high in the first year, and the care for dragon fish is meticulous. This period is large, and the satisfaction in my heart is beyond words.Slow, the change in body length of 1 cm or less per month, often makes Longyou unable to bear the loneliness of the dragon and complains about the slowness of hair color. In fact, interest and patience are losing a little bit.But at this time, his own love dragon has just turned the age and is advancing towards maturity. The body of the Golden Dragon is splendidly armored every day, and the body of the Red Dragon is slowly hung with bright red color. Such a process is not exactly what the dragon raisers expectThe process is not exactly a successful experience.
Dont be swayed by the opinions of others
Many friends post their own dragons for everyone to appreciate, and the words of praise are the ones they like most (no matter who, unless it is a masochist), but many of Longyou s opinions are good and natural, and they have to bear the heart, otherwiseIt s better not to post. When others say it s a hybrid, it s a bad look. This is an old man. How about the dragon who loves dragons immediately?Not pleasing, finished, this dragon must not exist in this tank in the near future.Raising a dragon isnt it?Others raised their own dragons only belong to themselves. Let others say that they can admire a red-tailed gold for more than 5 years.
I love the old and waste the old
I have had more time to communicate, my own appreciation has improved, and I have seen many good dragons, so Qinglong raises red tails for a period of time, red tails for high backs, high backs for red dragons, and raises backs, and better.Excessive love, new and old, make yourself a happy breeder, keep feeding, without a moment of tranquility, and slowly consume your patience, because?No one likes to cultivate all day without harvesting. The fun of growing a dragon is experienced in the process of long arowana maturation. Moreover, the fun of breeding is something few people in China can enjoy. Why not try it.
I have always admired the long-lived dragon friends. The outstanding young dragons have grown up in the tank for many years?Shenlong, Im afraid I cant stand this loneliness. In fact, no one can guarantee the future?In the same way, you should change or sell, but if you can grow arowana, maybe this attachment can affect your future. Is nt it Feng Shui? Maybe it is.
Required hardware
Fish tank
In the waters of nature, the dragon fish mostly live near the surface of the water, and it is not likely to dive to the bottom of the water, so the first consideration for the fish tank for feeding the dragon fish is the width, if the width of the fish tank is the same as the fishWhen the length is not wide enough, it will cause the dragon fish to only continue to circle in a certain direction, which will cause the spine of the fish to bend.To avoid these problems, the ideal aquarium should have a larger width and depth.Aquariums of this type, and such aquariums are generally customized, it is best to consider your arowanas existing body length and future body length after customization!Generally, the fish tank for feeding arowana should have at least 120 * 60 * 60CM, of course, the best is 150 * 60 * 60CM and above!而且再饲育龙鱼时最好一开始就把它放到大的鱼缸里因为如果饲育一条 10CM 的小龙60*35* 40CM 的水族箱就行了,但是你不出几个月就要给它换缸Because it grew up!It is easy to hurt it when changing the tank, so it is best to keep it in a large fish tank from the beginning to avoid the above situation.
Aquarium position: Arowana is sometimes more neurotic. When people enter and leave frequently, or children tap the aquarium, it will affect the arowanas mood, and even be frightened to affect eating. Therefore, it is best to set the aquarium to not oftenPlace disturbed.
Special reminder: Because the aquarium fish tank is generally large, you should also consider the receiving capacity of your floor, so as not to cause unnecessary problems!Remember!Remember!Remember!!!!!!
Generally, arowanas are kept indoors, and they cannot be exposed to sunlight. They can only be supplemented by plant lights or sun lights to supplement the lack of sunlight. In addition to lighting, they can increase the color of the fish and promote the metabolism of arowanas.Has the effect of adding color!
There are two types of lighting equipment on the market, one is an underwater lamp and the other is an upper aquarium lighting lamp.There are a lot of lamps to choose from, and the colors displayed by its arowana are also different.
Night light
It is recommended to add a small night light on the top of the tank and turn it on for many years to prevent the dragonfish from being slightly moved in the dark and hurting the fish tank and being injured.
Air pump
The main function is to increase the amount of dissolved oxygen in the water, and when used properly, it can create a water tank atmosphere.The types can be divided into three types: AC special, DC special, and AC and DC. There are many brand forms on the market.
Trachea, bubble stone
The trachea is a single form; the bubble stone can be divided into two materials, one is wood and the other is sand.The wooden form changes little, the sandy form changes much, and can shape various shapes.Its function is to separate the air pumped through the trachea more finely and increase the amount of dissolved oxygen in the water.
In fact, the feces of all carnivorous fish are easier to decompose than the feces of eating feed, as long as you use an ordinary filter, if you feed multi-tailed arowana or polyculture other fish species, you can also consider using trickleType filters, the filters on the market (less than six feet) are mostly trickle filters. Dont worry about this.The customized fish tank must be filtered at the bottom, and its filtering effect is really good!The function of the filter is to pump suspended impurities in the water to the filter tank through the pumping motor, filter out the impurities, and then flow into the aquarium from the water outlet to generate circulation and oxygen supply of the water flow.Filters can be divided into three major types:
1.Water filter; 2.The upper filter of the water tank; 3.External filter of the water tank.Different shapes, can be purchased according to personal preference.
filter material
The filter material is indispensable in the filter tank, and the types of red dragon fish feed to the fish are filter fiber cotton, activated carbon, zeolite, maifan stone, ion exchange resin, ceramics, etc.Its function depends on the type, physical, chemical, biological, etc. to achieve deodorization, filter impurities, adjust pH, remove organic matter and heavy metals, reduce harmful toxin content, etc.
Heating rod
Although arowana can adapt to harsh environments, if the water temperature changes too much, it will also produce uncomfortable symptoms.Therefore, a set of good quality temperature control equipment is essential.The heating rod can be divided into three types: glass, quartz, and ceramics. The wattage of the heater is determined according to the size of the fish tank when it is purchased.Due to the different materials and technology of the heater, the heater needs to be carefully selected to avoid endangering the life of the fish.There are different options for the heating wattage of the heater from 50W to 500W. When buying, pay attention to whether the product indicates that the wattage is true, and try to calculate whether it is standard.Its function is to adjust the temperature of the water to a constant temperature suitable for the survival of fish. The types can be divided into:
1.Traditional: temperature increase and decrease are controlled by temperature-sensitive reeds;
2.Electronic type: The temperature controller sets the temperature, and the temperature sensor is used to control the temperature increase or decrease of the heating rod.
Although the thermometer is a small thing, it is an important appliance. Without it, you can not grasp the temperature of the aquarium water.With a thermometer, you can determine whether the temperature of the water is normal, and immediately handle any abnormalities.There are four types: mercury, alcohol, temperature sensitive film, and electronic digital display.
UV germicidal lamp
Its function is to inhibit the production and sterilization of algae spores to prevent disease infection.
Water motor
Its function is to promote the circulation of water in the aquarium and increase the movement of the fish, because the arowana has the habit of swimming backwards.If the air pipe is installed at the water outlet of the water pump motor, the oxygen content of the water can be increased.
The advantages of raising a dragon in a bare cylinder
1.Arowana is not easy to be injured. Arowana chased live bait, and the outbreak speed was extremely fast.In addition, if the fish is infected with parasites or bacteria, it will be itchy by rubbing. If the bottom sand is not spread, the scales and other parts can be avoided from scratching.
2.It is easy to clean, economical and convenient. It can eliminate the trouble of cleaning bottom sand and the cost of bottom filtration equipment, and is easy to manage.
3.The water quality is not easy to deteriorate. When the leftover bait food, residue and excrement of the arowana are not filtered by the filter, they can be clearly seen and removed.
Disadvantages of raising a dragon in a bare cylinder

The bottom of the aquarium lacks bottom sand, and the whole is empty and has no scenery.
2.Poor biological effect
Because there is no substrate, the nitrifying bacteria do not have enough bacteria beds to reproduce in large quantities, and can only propagate in the filter tank, and the number is limited.
Shop 1.The advantages of setting up sand to grow arowana
You can add your favorite substrates according to the breeders preferences and change them to create a special scenery for playing airplanes.
2.Stable fish
Can make the dragon fish feel close to nature
3.Biological action
Can be used as a bed of nitrifying bacteria to decompose organic matter into inorganic precipitation water
Disadvantages of laying bottom sand to grow arowana

1.Cleaning is not easy, increasing expenditure
When cleaning the aquarium, it not only takes time and effort, but also increases the installation cost of the bottom filtration system.
2.Water quality is easy to deteriorate
Excessive sediments are not easy to remove, and nitrifying bacteria are too late to decompose, so it is easy to make the water turbid and produce harmful organic matter and toxins.
3.Arowana is more likely to be injured
The substrate is rough, and arowana is more likely to be injured when chasing or rubbing itching.
If you want Yuer to have a comfortable living environment, related equipment is necessary.At present, there are many types of related products on the market, and they can be purchased according to personal needs. The equipment can be roughly divided into: (1) substrate; (2) filter plate; (3) air pump;Bubble stone; (5) Filter;

(6) Filter materials;
(7) Heating temperature controller; (8) thermometer; (9) lighting equipment; (10) others.

Asian Arowana Classification
Asian arowana is really found in Southeast Asia, and it is also the most popular and expensive.Because of the different varieties in each production area, they are distinguished by colors, such as Golden Dragon and Green Dragon in Malaysia; Red Dragon, Golden Dragon and Green Dragon in Indonesia.At present, the following types can be purchased in Hong Kong.
Blue Dragon Fish
The fins of the blue dragon are bluish yellow, and the scales are bluish.The end of the kiss is yellow, and the body of the adult is golden and blue, so it is called Qinglong.
Yellow-tailed golden dragon
The yellow-tailed arowana is very similar to the green dragon, but the rear three fins are yellow, and the price is slightly higher than the blue dragon.
Red-tailed Arowana
The characteristics are the same as that of the golden dragon at the back of the stage. The blue is green and the bottom is light red with a thin golden frame in the inside. The light red scales at the end and the back will turn into golden yellow.The only difference is that the dorsal and caudal fins are black, the lower caudal and anal fins are red, and the golden yellow scale bar will reach the top row of scales, counting from the abdomen scales.This feature is divided into the elements that distinguish the gold from the back and the gold dragon from the red tail.As the name implies, Red Tail Gold knows that the good Red Tail Golden Dragon Spring focuses on whether the caudal and anal fins are dark red. The redr the color, the better.Not every dragonfish commonly known as red-tailed gold will have the characteristics of red-tailed fins, some are only reddish or even colorless.
The first level is a super-grade red-tailed golden dragon: all seven fins have a red color, especially after the three fins are obvious, and the scales are golden.
The second level is A-level red-tailed golden dragon: the posterior three fins are red, and the ventral and pectoral fins are pink with golden yellow.
The third level is a common red-tailed golden dragon: the posterior three fins are pale orange-red, and the black stems and markings are more obvious.
Golden Dragon
Juveniles are characterized by a blueish green background with a light red band inside a thin gold frame. After growing up, the shallow scale frame will turn into golden yellow, and the golden blue or green base scale bar will reach the fifth row of scales, across the entireThe dark green back, which differs from the red-haired angry gold apart from the scales, is the difference between the angry and anal fins, and the upper half of the dorsal and caudal fins should appear dark blue.
Red Dragon
Red dragon fish can be divided into four categories.There are four kinds of blood red, pepper red, orange red and golden red.
The chili red dragon has a bright red gill stamp and a scale frame, which are mainly dominated by the bright infrared edge, the fins are also red, and the snout is also red.When the light is turned on, the color of the fish body is not completely true), the scales are blue and purple, the lips are upturned when the young fish, the head is sharp, and the fins are red when the fish is adult.
The body color of the blood-red dragon does not have the red-red scale frame like the red pepper, and the gill cover has no obvious deep red gill mark, but it is evenly distributed throughout the body, but the color is still mainly red.The horned dragon is basically colorless. The larvae of the arowana have smoother lips and a less pointed head. The gill cover of the adult fish is light orange. Each fin has no obvious red or light orange.Orange.
High back red tail gold
A subspecies produced by crossing Jinlong and Red-tailed Gold.The appearance of the high-backed red-tailed gold has made the backed golden dragon become.The more controversial fish species.The difference between the two is only in the sixth row or not!?And high-quality high-back red-tailed gold is possible to over-back!(Probability is not high) because it also inherits the bloodline of the Golden Dragon.A real golden dragon.The scales grow into color.It is not a high-backed red-tailed gold that has been lucky.Comparable.The difference between them is lineage.Therefore, it is not unreasonable that the pure blood of the Golden Dragon has a high price.

Bloody Red Dragon
This series of arowana species is a fish modified from a hybrid of red dragon and golden dragon.The name of each house is different.But it is not that the larvae bred in this way grow up.Its as gorgeous as the poster.Everything depends on the individuals performance.
Special dragon
Contains a back-shaped deformed camel, a blind-eyed deformed blind dragon, a conjoined deformed double-headed dragon, a dorsal scaly deformed dragon, and an albino with a change in body color
Snow dragon, blue-body black dragon, red-eyed dragon with really red-eyed white species, panda dragon with transparent gill cover, Erlang God with one more eye above his head, etc., with special appearance
Dragon fish.These arowanas are not common, and under artificial and deliberate collection, the price rises due to rarity and uniqueness.

New fish into the tank
Keep water for more than two days
When all relevant knowledge and equipment are ready, and the aquarium has been filled with water, heated, and pumped for more than two days, you can welcome Arowana.If you are uneasy, you can first put two-tailed goldfish or Thai crucian carp to test whether the water quality is appropriate.

Know Arowana correctly AROWANA Forum If you have been using biological filters, it is best to let the water reach a pH of 6-7, the water temperature is 25 degrees Celsius.Add small table salt (approximately 1 or 2 teaspoons to every 5 gallons or 20 liters of water) to the fish tank to reduce the risk of fungal attack and make the fish healthy and increase its appetite.If there are conditions, it is best to be able to take water from the original tank of the new fish and return it to your own tank (the line with the water in the original tank is no problem is the best, in order to facilitate the new fishs adverse reaction to environmental mutation.It is recommended that arowana be raised from a young age.
For mild and for water
I want to remind you again that when buying dragon fish, please remember to ask an expert or a senior dragon friend who knows the dragon fish to buy it, and buy it from a reputable aquarium.When the purchased dragon fish enters the door, do not rush to put the dragon fish into the aquarium, but first put the dragon fish together with the plastic bag containing the fish into the aquarium, about 5 to 10 minutes, wait for the bagThe temperature is consistent with the temperature of the aquarium, then untie the bag and add the comprehensive water quality in the aquarium, slowly let the dragon fish swim into its new world.
Pay attention to the following two points when placing arowana in the aquarium:
1.Upper cover
After putting the fish, you must pay attention to the top of the aquarium to avoid the dragon fish jumping out.Because during this period, the dragon fish was more frightened, and showed an impatient appearance.
2.Observe if the arowana is abnormal or not. Observe carefully for more than 30 minutes, and pay attention to whether the arowana adapts to the new environment.How to quickly open the arowana*How about the newly purchased arowana$Is it suitable for keeping arowana at home?:What mouth to eat silver arowana(How to make the silver dragon fish speak^Silver arowana can speak for a few days after returning home%How to make silver arowana eat.How to let the dragon fish eat&

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