The legend of dragon fish as Feng Shui fish

  In China, feng shui is a theory that people do not believe. The reason why dragon fish is so popular is that most of them are cultured as feng shui fish while they are hobbies.The legend of dragon fish as "Feng Shui fish" is regarded as the incarnation of the dragon by the Chinese, and the dragon is a symbol of Chinese auspiciousness and can bring good luck.In the history of arowana breeding, there have been legends about arowana governing evil and bringing wealth. In Southeast Asia, there are many legends about dragon fish ruling evil and bringing wealth.For example: In Taipei, there is an aquarium that manages dragon fish.The shops next to them are all sluggish. According to Feng Shui, this place is a bad feng shui area, but while other shops are sluggish, this aquarium business is growing.A reporter once interviewed the owner of this aquarium. The boss firmly believes that it is the reason why dragon fish can ward off evil spirits.The legend of dragon fish as Feng Shui fish AROWANA Forum ASIAN AROWANA,AROWANA,STINGRAY The1sheet In Thailand, more people are superstitious about arowana.Any family that has been married for a long time without giving birth, they raise and worship arowana and pray for fertility.And they often can do what they want. Most of these incidents, Thai people believe that dragon fish can bring them good luck. In Indonesia, a rich businessman raised a red arowana.He has a lot of friends in business, and the capital turnover is huge.Once, his friend asked him to borrow a working capital of 20 million yuan. This friend had good credit on weekdays, and he promised to transfer the money the next day.But that night, the red dragon fish he raised jumped out of the tank for no reason and died.The next day, the rich businessmen thought it was an ominous sign, and they did not borrow money to turn around.Shortly after the thick and thin frame of the Chili Red Dragon, the newspaper ran out of the friends donation and fled, so he also avoided the risk of losing money. In fact, there are many legends about dragon fish.However, the editor of Jingcheng Arowana Breeding Museum reminds you: It is not necessary to be too superstitious about all kinds of Fengshui legends of arowana, and breeding arowana should still be based on your own hobbies. This article is from the Jingcheng Fengshui Arowana Breeding Museum. Please indicate the source of the reprint of the arowana as a "fengshui fish" legend.
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The legend of dragon fish as Feng Shui fish AROWANA Forum ASIAN AROWANA,AROWANA,STINGRAY The2sheetFish raised with tiger fish!What kind of fish is tiger fishTiger fish and what fish out of state~Can tiger fish be more polyculture than dragon fish?$Tiger fish suitable for polyculture"Can red horsefish and tiger fish be polycultured#What is the best match for tiger fish?:Arowana and tiger fish mixed breeding perfect match@What fish to buy and tiger fish polyculture?Five tiger fish and ten polyculture%


    The legend of dragon fish as Feng Shui fish
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