flowerhornMystery of Arowana Hair Color


Arowanas hair color mystery has often seen the quality of fish discussed by fish friends recently.Come talk a lot.

In fact, the body color of the dragon fish is derived from the parent body, and the biological law of nature cannot be separated from the rule of deportation (70% of inheritance, 30% of the care and breeding and the environment of the acquired day)., Why the fish at the Mangir fish farm is so red (the Japanese favorite --------- There are now two specialty stores in Japan) because the mangir fish farm produces 1,000 a yearTwo hundred tails, but the fish farms work insists, and the best three hundred of them are selected as broodstock under the fine transmission of generations, so Mengjiers fish must be red.Intimidation (it took ten years to cultivate the fish) This is the principle of the principle fish farm, the principle fish farm is based on quantity, so the fish produced under the principle of large quantity; in contrastIt will be inferior, so buy fish and find fish from reputable fish farms.(There is better fish with everyones support) Lets talk about the color of arowana. Arowana actually has puberty like a human (hair color period). Some arowana has a relatively early hair color; otherwise, it has a late color龙鱼不见得就都比较好 (就像人一样先发育不一定会长的比较高先发色的龙鱼不一定会比较红 =>重点:也是要看亲鱼来绝定) 但日本人到鱼场去When choosing fish, the color of the body color will be selected earlier when it is 12 to 15 cm. Of course, the earlier the color of the fish, the more consumers will see it, so the price will be higher than the uncolored fish.It s a lot higher, but do nt forget, the green chili red dragon is expensive. The Japanese only chose the fish that developed color early at a high price. Other fish that have not developed color are not bad, but they develop color later.On your own, have you noticed that they are fish produced by siblings.< = Do not forget that this is the key point, so you should pay attention to what is produced by He Yuchang and the size and color of the fish.Old saying.Will it be red or will it be red?.

I do nt want to be red. I have to do more work before I buy a fish, so I wo nt be fooled, so I do nt have to envy the fish that others bought.Red Arowana can eat pork liver%Can Arowana change water once a month&Red dragon hair color$What background does the red dragon fish serve~What background does the red dragon fish tank use!Red dragon fish tank background color%Red dragon hair color process#What color is used to raise the red dragon fish?$


    flowerhornMystery of Arowana Hair Color
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