Brief introduction of blood red arowana

  Brief introduction of blood red arowanaBlood red arowana: one of the price and its expensive arowana species, it is deeply loved by the rich and already aquarium breeding enthusiasts in Southeast Asia.Brief introduction of blood red arowana AROWANA ForumThe identification method of blood red arowana is generally through body type and scales.In shape, the blood red dragon fish is mostly round and blunt.Because the origin of the blood red dragon fish is in some small lakes in the upper and middle reaches of the Kaprince River.In such a living area, their body type also needs to adapt to the living conditions.Blood red arowanas prey at speed, blood red arowanas are briefly introduced so their swimming strokes are very beautiful.The blood red dragon fish mainly feeds on small fish and shrimp.On the scales, the blood-red dragon is divided into three color patterns, and the main color will be covered with scales.When the blood red arowana was very young, they were all yellow, and it was easy to be mistaken for the golden red arowana, but their scales were somewhat different.Carefully observe the first color development of the blood red arowana, we will find that the scales of the blood red arowana are very thick and yellow.For the second hair color, the scales of the blood red arowana will emit a layer of orange-red color. At this time, many people will think that it is a tail of orange red arowana. This color development period will be until the age of 8 years old.Until the last color development, how to choose pepper red arowana blood red arowana will turn into deep red, complete the entire body color development.It may take about 10 years from a young fish to complete color development. This period is undoubtedly long. But in the aquarium, blood red arowana juveniles are difficult to sell, because their color is not like red arowana, even if they explain it, it is difficult to believe.
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