Stingrays aggressiveness

  I have been to Baidu many times, and all say that stingrays are relatively docile fishes. Why have I seen stingrays to bite my little Indonesian tiger tonight?Tiger, I promise that there will be no more stingrays from now on.

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   ωǒThe peasant Say: Stingrays are very aggressive and bite whatever they cover. Fish that are too small are not suitable for polyculture
Yuyou Taiwan Stingray Emperor Say: Stingrays are sex-loving and often bite the scavengers for fun!Performed almost every day, the mourning ceremony of the scavenger
Yuyou Longer Say: Just hungry.
The fish gods drift Say:
Ive fed the tiger fish before biting
Just hungry.
Yuyou Zhuoran Say: The little fish is usually saved and not saved
Yuyou Longer Say:
The god with a big temper is drifting with the waves
Ive fed it before biting a tiger fish
The fish gods drift Say:
I cant figure out how its so hot--Longer
That has enough temper
Fish friend riandaylee Say: You are not suitable for raising a stingrayjuvenile crimex arap tubeWhat to do if the arhat fish is bitten)Is the silver arowana bitten?%Does it matter if you are bitten by a dragon fish?@What to do if the arowana bites&What to do if bitten by arhat fish^Did you get an injection if you were bitten by the silver arowana?%What to do if arowana tail fights bite.Will it be infected if bitten by arowana#Stingrays aggressiveness?


    Stingrays aggressiveness
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    Red arowana?Not grow up$

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