arapaimaMay I ask where there are three lakes in Shanghai not the sea bream?

  arapaimaMay I ask where there are three lakes in Shanghai not the sea bream?They are all bought online, where can they be sold in Shanghai?,

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Yuyou Super Pengge Say: Half of the fish sold online are sold in Guangzhou and half in Shanghai
Yuyou yu1848821 Say: Shanghai Fish Market is famous for selling wild fish
Yuyou lazy man Say: I cant handle a lot of F1 I breed
Huang Zhewei Say: The Yushan Flower and Bird Market is unstoppable, and the Haoxue waters of the Central Flower and Bird Market
Fish friends are good Say: Shanghai should be a lot
Yuyoujiang Xiaobai 002 Say: No. 1529, Lingshi Road, Lanling Flower and Bird Market recently opened a large-scale opal aquarium with three lake cichlids.Arowana eats small goldfish for a long time)Novice arowana teaching videoWhat fish meat to feed arowana(Precautions for keeping arowana"What is the best way to eat silver arowana.Do you keep arowana for daily proofing??Novice first fish farming experience$Novice how to raise arowana#What kind of arowana is better for a novice@Novice Arowana!

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