Help balcony load bearing

  Who can see the balcony structure of this house, can you put a 1500 * 800 * 800 cylinder?Balcony with arc-top window on the second floor
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  Koi first met Say: Okay, it s not a balcony outside, bearing is not a problem
Yuyou Sheng qq Say: Will press
Yuyou Daydream 005 Say:
Fish Friends Fish Fun Say: Find a professional person to see the best.
Qi Haidong Say: This structure should be safe.
Yuyou cj588 Say: Visual inspection is OK, lets do it
Yuyou 5599 Say: Not afraid, the fish tank water is only 960 liters of water, and it is against the wall
Yuyou lazy man Say: Shouldnt matter
Fish Friends QQ Anzai Say: This structure looks pretty strongCan silver arowana and red arowana be polycultured^How to distinguish red dragon fish from good or bad%How do Arowana distinguish varieties(How to choose juvenile goldfish%Red Dragon Fish"s Feng Shui Application#How to divide the dragon fish into levels.Arowana level distinction/5000 yuan red dragon fry$Red Dragon Fish Wind Hydrolysis$Help balcony load bearing?


    Help balcony load bearing
    2021-05-23 04:00:28 Contents
    Aoshen Dragonfish No. 4 function^
    Help balcony load bearing
    2021-09-25 22:58:12 Contents
    Is the phoenix fish fierce?,

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