Is this Alligator Gar???

Just wondering what type of gar this is。。。
To me it looks like alligator gar
Is this Alligator Gar??? Aquaculture Forum
¡Thanks for your help guys!
I think it is
>Unfortunately yes!!!
>no doubt yes。
>100 % alligator gar 。
>Yes unmistakenly it is gator bro
>Yes bro it confirm an alligator gar
>Yes,Aquatic thats a very common piece, nothing special about this particular one。。。 a regular aligator gar。
>yes bro a gator gar。。
soon to be a monster gator gar in a few mths
>it eats a lot,Is this Alligator Gar??? grows very fast and is very aggressive despite its docile looks。
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    Is this Alligator Gar???
    2020-03-17 13:07:58 Contents
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