Scavenger and Arowana problem

  Please help me quickly!!!My scavenger actually sucked on my arowana!!It is said that the scavenger only smokes sick fish, but my gold arowana eats very fiercely today and it doesnt look like a sick person. What should I do?Is it the Arowana problem or the Scavenger problem?

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  18613515088 Say: It should be the problem of arowana, look carefully
Yuyou Golden Armor and Silver Corpse Say: Arowana is sick
Yuyou reverse time_ Say: Whether it s a Arowana fish or not, first scavenge the scavenger
The fish gods drift Say:
My Golden Dragon eats very fiercely, so I should nt be sick because it s just right.
Arowana is sick
The fish gods drift Say:

Scavenger and Arowana problem AROWANA ForumI saw 1 was sucking and I took out all 3
Whether it s a Arowana fish or not, first scavenge the scavenger
Fish Friends Liu Jiawei 001 Say: I have met and dealt with the scavenger decisively
Yuyou Fei Tong Xiaoke Say: No matter if there is any problem, isolate the scavenger first
Fish Friends Husband Love Dabao Say: The scavenger owed a deal to change the queen?
Qiao Qiang Say: Even if its okay, it wont let him suckWhat red dragon eats$What feed does the Ark Dragon eat?/What feed does Tyrannosaurus eat.What feed does the Sickle Dragon eat?,Ark survival evolution feed*What kind of feed does Fengshen Pterosaur eat?"How to tame the Ark Thunder Dragon(Ark Thunder Dragon eats fast training^

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