silver arowana fishOn the domineering of arowana

  On the domineering of arowana

With the popularity of arowana.Especially Red Dragon.It gradually became a popular ornamental fish in China.More and more people are raised.The main reason is the decline in the price of arowana.Recall that five years ago, the price of Red Dragon compared with the current comparison was at least three times lower.With the general increase in smuggling of fish.The price of arowana continues to fall.As far as I know, the smuggled Red Dragon can sometimes reach the fish merchants even around 1,000.Lets talk about quality chips 2000-8000 for sale (of course, whether these fish are good or bad depends on your vision and luck).Therefore, more than 80/100 are now smuggled fish with fake chips.The prevalence of this situation can be said to be a master of black death.(A master can find a good dragon at a low price.Novices will be cheated again and again) Okay to enter the theme.

According to the above.I think that dragon friends, especially novices, should pay attention to buying dragons.Because the dragons in the fish market are too mixed.It is best to directly ask Ya Chenglong for a quality insurance point.Since you have invited the dragon, you are responsible for it.Dont worry about its quality.Care to raise it.In fact, in addition to hair color and body shape, dragons are also domineering.temperament.Shen Yun.Waiting is worthy of our appreciation.Today I will talk about the domineering of arowana.Regardless of the line, the dragon fish are more or less domineering.The domineering performance differs depending on the cultivation environment.That is for sure.I think its not as good as raising a Koi carp to raise a domineering dragon.When you stand in front of a domineering dragon fish.You will understand what is called surprise.What is power.What is calm.What is excitement.

Domineering does not necessarily only manifest in the dragons size.Dont think that the pectoral fins are long enough.The body is wide enough.The rear 3 fins are big enough to be domineering.It is not enough to domineering alone.It is mainly manifested in the dragon god (the god here is not a god of spirit but a god of spirit).In fact, it is easy to see the domineering of the dragon.Just looking at its eyes can see how domineering this dragon is.Going further.It depends on the spirit of the dragon (mainly depends on happiness and depression).Character (determined by fierce boldness and gentle timidity).You Zi (determined by cheerful and beautiful and dull and sad).It is happy if a train has the spirit.The character is fierce and bold.You Zi is cheerful and beautiful.These three characteristics are basically the domineering dragons of the bargain.Of course, the pectoral fin is long enough.The body is wide enough.The rear 3 fins are big enough to be a perfect T. rex.Speaking of which, readers will definitely want to know how to cultivate such a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

The first is of course to buy (not to mention buying here).But the main thing is to raise merit.Tyrannosaurus rex needs to be conditioned slowly during breeding.I generally agree with the following 3 points to cultivate.(1) Say the environment.Single dragon mixed breeding should establish dragon as the protagonist.Then add a good and stable water quality (if there are many dragons in polyculture then I am sure that the domineering dragon will not exceed 2.Because there are very few leaders in any group of species.This leader is of course the most domineering overlord).This is what I think is to cultivate the spirit of the dragon with the environment.(2) Say food.It is well known that arowana needs multiple foods.But if you want to be domineering, you need to feed more fierce food such as frogs.Centipede.gecko.Live fish and so on to cultivate the dragons fierce and bold character (Let the dragon chase the fast-moving fish.To bite the very threatening centipede.The struggling frog gecko, etc.Thereby inspiring its wildness).This is what I think is to cultivate arowanas with food.(3) Say emotion.The so-called emotion is your emotional commitment to your love dragon.Arowana is a spiritual animal.You care about it.Pamper.It will respect and love you.(To interact frequently to cultivate each others feelings.Only in this way will it maintain a cheerful mood.Whenever you come, it will swim in front of you.The dragon swings its tail.Show its beautiful swimming posture).This is what I think is to use emotion to cultivate the swimming style of dragon fish.

Dear friends.The above is just my personal experience in cultivating arowana to become a Tyrannosaurus rex.I hope that the majority of fish friends will give more suggestions to enrich the precious experience of training the domineering arowana.For the benefit of fish friends. I hope everyones love dragon is a tyrannosaurus that everyone loves.

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