The harm of LED lamp to fish for a long time

  LED lights are indeed harmful to fish eyes for a long time.A recent survey conducted by the University of California, Alvin showed that the environmental protection effects of using LEDs are likely to be offset by the toxic materials they include.In this study conducted jointly by the school s Department of Social Ecology and the Public Health Project, they analyzed the red, yellow, green, and blue LED lights in the Christmas tree lantern groups that are common on the market, including high-brightness LED, Including low-brightness products.The results show that these LED lights include antimony, arsenic, chromium, lead and other various metal elements.Among them, the toxic element content of some LED lamps has exceeded the standards set by the regulatory authorities.For example, in a low-brightness red LED lamp, the researchers found that the lead content exceeded 8 times, and the nickel content also exceeded 2.5 times.In fact, in California law of the United States, the vast majority of LED lights have been clearly defined as toxic waste. If you use ordinary landfill methods, it will pollute the soil and groundwater.And if the LED lamp is broken, it may also cause damage to the health of fish and water bodies in direct contact.But so far, regardless of the governments and people of all countries, little is known about the environmental and health risks of LED lights.The report said that the arsenic, lead, nickel and copper elements in LEDs have the most serious impact on humans and the environment. In the future, more detailed and in-depth investigations should be conducted to improve the governments regulations on the safe use and recycling of LED products.Simply put, everyone should be aware that although the energy efficiency of LED lighting is bright, it is by no means a completely environmentally friendly option, but the potential dangers involved are different from other lighting technologies.Point 2 LEDs need to be narrow because of a single light-emitting surface, and are usually integrated on a large-scale circuit board to form a relatively large light-emitting source, which will cause a large amount of heat accumulation and sometimes break down the circuit board.Therefore, the heat dissipation of the LED lamp must be good.第3点 眼睛最不能接受的是蓝光和UV光(即紫外线光),蓝光杀伤眼睛活性细胞的能力是绿光的10倍,而UV光杀伤眼睛活性细胞的能力又是蓝光的10倍,长Exposure to a large amount of low-wavelength blue light in time can kill a large number of active cells in the eye, and eventually become cancerous to form plaque.The composition of LED white light mainly relies on 450⑷55NM wavelength blue light to stimulate the phosphor. The lower the wavelength, the stronger the firing ability. Generally, the wavelength of the LED is factory controlled within 500NM, that is 450⑷55NM, or 455⑷60NM, which belongs to the most harmful section.As it grows larger, the ability to ignite the phosphor drops, and the effectiveness decreases.In order to seek brightness, people usually strengthen the blue light intensity of the LED. The longer the lighting time, the faster the phosphor decay, and the stronger the blue light band of the eye contact, the greater the damage to the eyes.Therefore, LED lamps have certain disadvantages in the use of LED navigation instigation in road traffic, LED street lamps, and LED desk lamps. However, as underwater lamps enter the fish tank, it is easier for fish to feel dizzy and uncomfortable during use, and evenProlonged use will become eye damage, which will increase the chance of eye drop, but it has no effect on the hair color of the fish, affecting the healthy growth of ornamental fish. In order to love the health of fish, please do not use LED, consider using a more natural light source NEC Arowana Miracle Lighting to help love fish grow healthily.

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  Punishment Arrow Say: is it?
Fish friend legmz Say: Personally think that the lamp is just an auxiliary tool
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Yuyou returns to the top Say: real or fake?Still alarmist?
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From an environmental point of view, the environmental pressure of using fluorescent lamps is greater, and the mercury in the lamp tube exceeds all the heavy metal hazards in all LEDs.As for what kind of chromium and nickel, lets not talk about the content. First, there are chrome-plated nickel plating on the metal, nickel-chromium in stainless steel, and nickel-plated coins, which are everywhere.
Yuyou bg6ixm Say: The harm of blue light and ultraviolet light is indeed not small, but you cant just talk about LEDs but not fluorescent lamps.Fortunately, LEDs use blue light as the initial light source, but fluorescent lamps use more dangerous ultraviolet light as the initial light source. Both use phosphors to form the final light source. Both have harmful spectral leaks, but they are basically within a safe range of control.
Yuyou bg6ixm Say: At present, only the development of LED as a new light source technology is not high in depth. In China, due to weak supervision, a large number of low-quality LEDs exist, but LEDs cannot be killed by this.NEC is also vigorously developing LED, and one day it will shut down the fluorescent lamp production line like many domestic light source factories.
Yuyou18613515088 Say: Thanks for sharing and learning
Yuyou bg6ixm Say: There are many advantages of LED as a lamp. The biggest feature is that it is more energy-efficient than fluorescent lamps.Another major disadvantage of fluorescent lamps is the fact that they have strobes, which is more harmful to eyesight.LEDs are generally driven by pure DC without flicker.LEDs are easy to dim, and fluorescent lamps are difficult. When the power drops to a certain level, they go out.LEDs are very convenient for miniaturization, so there are smartphones that are so convenient now. At the same time, fluorescent tubes have been replaced in televisions and LCDs. At present, only some low-end LCD screens use the same fluorescent tubes as fluorescent lamps.Why does red arowana develop color fast#Graphic illustration of hair coloring process of red arowana"50 cm red dragon fish does not develop color/Adult red arowana hair color is not ideal,Red dragon fish gill cover how to calculate hair color~How old does the red dragon fish start to develop color?No. half red arowana hair color development process:How to feed red dragon fish during hair color!What to do if the red dragon fish scales are black@The harm of LED lamp to fish for a long time!

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