Theft of Sanwei Baizi Black Emperor Stingray is worth 2 million yuan

  Shanghai Jinshan People Accessible Court (hereinafter referred to as "Shanghai Jinshan Court") recently concluded a case of stingray theft. The defendants Liu Mouhu and Ma Moufang, together with Li Moufu and Qu Mousheng, stolen three tails of white female black:帝王魟鱼,价值200万元,一审被判处无期徒刑十一年至五年不等,并惩罚金六 万元至一万元不等。Late on February 28, 2016, Mr. Zhou hurriedly came to the public security organ to report that he and Mr. Xie jointly owned two male and one female stingrays stolen in a Zen temple in Jinshan District.● ○ ①Originally, ▅Mr. Xie and Mr. Zhou are people who love fish, are they both?In a room in the southwest corner of a Zen temple in Jinshan District, some stingrays were jointly stocked, with a total of 5 fish tanks and more than 20 fish.当天一迟至现场清点,发觉三;尾魟鱼被盗,均是魟鱼外最珍贵的白女黑帝王,Theft of Sanwei Baizi Black Emperor Stingray is worth 2 million yuan三尾鱼当初的购入价钱合计360万元。

Theft of Sanwei Baizi Black Emperor Stingray is worth 2 million yuan AROWANA ForumThe public security organ immediately opened the case for investigation, and after checking the visit, locked up the Ma Moufang and other remunerations, and severely stolen the suspects, and fled on the Internet.From January 2017 to January 2018, Liu Mouhu, Ma Moufang, Qu Mousheng, Li Moufu and others "one after another!Just catch.从犯!Liu "The tiger has never operated an aquarium. In 2016, he went to a Zen temple in Jinshan District to play. He accidentally saw a" sturgeon "being raised outside the temple. He is very clear about the market price of the stingray, and he has" remembered "new".In February 016, in February, Liu Mouhu entrusted Ma Moufang to steal fish at Chan Temple, and promised to receive a reward at a high price after the event.Ma Moufang.Then he assembled Li Moufu, Qu Mousheng and others to steal fish.On February 25th, Ma Moufang leads?The world leader drove to theft.The address was disliked.Before walking, Liu Mouhu checked the photos of the fish he had stolen and showed him the address and what he needed!And other matters.

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