most expensive fishIs the 1506580 cylinder custom 3000 expensive?

  12 ultra-clear glass, cylinder length 1.5 meters wide, 65 cm wide, 80 cm high, the total height of the frame 1.5 meters, bottom filter 1 meter, complete set of equipment, with complete set of filter material, package delivery package installed 3000 value

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  Pretend to dive 515 Say: Not expensive!The price is very cheap, just do not know how to work?
Yuyou Guest Decoration Say: Cheap ,,,,,.
Fish Friends EdwinZhao Say: It is okay
Fish Friends Davidchun Say: The prices in different regions are different. On our Luohe side, we can make them according to your size and filter them down. It is estimated that more than 1,000 yuan can be won by less than 2,000 yuan.
Yuyu kurapika3 Say: Is the super white tank so cheap?My quotation for super white on all four sides is 5000 and no equipment is included
Fish friend kuny kun Say: Not too expensive.can
Yuyou everything goes well Say: No, its cheap
Fish friend legmz Say: This price is really not expensive
Mr. Yuchen00011 Say: Not expensiveplay station官网Did the silver arowana"s whiskers fall off and grow?!Arowana"s body suddenly bent?What"s going on with the tip of the dragon fish~What to do if the little red dragon has a bend:What to do if the dragon fish is broken@Wave-forming pump blowing arowanaRed Arowana must be bent.Dragon fish cut off two months is not long%most expensive fishIs the 1506580 cylinder custom 3000 expensive??

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