No more parrots switch to tiger pit

  The parrot head cave broke out two days ago, and after being cured with big white tablets, it was transferred to the fish merchant. Now the tank is disinfected twice with potassium permanganate.Prepare to raise Indonesian four patterns.
Want to raise 5 tigers, 1 yellow-headed turtle, 1 lucky money, 2 maps, two golden beards, does this work?
Seek expert guidance!
1.The 2-meter-36-wide wide crayons upper filter cylinder is a counter gas lift that you bought yourself.No more parrots switch to tiger pit Aquaculture Forum

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  icky.z Say: 1 Too big
Yuyu kurapika3 Say: 1 The density is too great.
Yuyou lonely old wine Say: 1 5 tigers will do, do nt want anything else
Fish Friends LuckilyB Say: 1
The tiger is about 13 or so.All other preparations are made into a lonely old wine of about 10
5 tigers will do, do nt want anything else
Fish Friends Apple 001 Say: 1 Width difference
Yuyou anson2014 Say: The width is smaller, the fish feel more
Yuyou13525094018 Say: This tank does nt work well. Keep less
Yuyou Xiaolong Say: What does it mean to hold back?
Yuyou God of Fish Farming in North China Say: Dont ask for a lucky mapFeeding method of koi fish in fish tankOne meter two fish tank raising koi video:Domestic koi fish are fed several times a day"Do koi feed in the fish tank in winter?/How big is the fish tank for 9 koi,Koi carp feed a few at a time!The fish in the fish tank is fed once every few days)Raise koi fish and change water every few days?Precautions for keeping koi in fish tank.How to change water in koi in fish tank*No more parrots switch to tiger pit?

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