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Water quality regulation

The water used by everyone for fish farming is mainly tap water that has been treated by the water plant, but this water cannot be directly used for fish farming, and it is safer after the second artificial treatment.Let me first introduce some of the main ingredients and removal methods that are harmful to fish in tap water:

Chlorine: Stand still for 48H or dry for 24H.If urgently needed, add 0 per 100 kg of water.63 grams of sodium bicarbonate, also called ‘hypo (ie sodium thiosulfate), can be used after stirring and dissolving.

Chloramine: This ingredient is generally not mentioned, it is easy to be overlooked, which is also one of the key problems of good fish.

There are higher concentrations of soluble organic matter in the water quality of some areas. If chlorine is directly added to the water plant at this time, it can combine with these organic matter to form some carcinogens and cause harm to the human body.Therefore, the water plant adds chlorine and ammonia at the same time. These two substances can be combined into a new substance called chloramine, and chloramine does not combine with the organic matter in the water, so when the chlorine in the water is removed, the ammonia will still be inIn the water.This requires a good nitrogen cycle, which can be removed using biological filtration.Here is a reminder to friends who just bought a new tank. Why do many friends easily kill fish when changing a new tank, just because the biodegradation filter in the new tank is not formed, and the concentration of ammonia in the water will be so high that it will killThe best way for your love fish is to use zeolite tablets to remove ammonia from the water.

PH value: PH value 7 Water is neutral, more than 7 is alkaline, otherwise acidic. How to safely adjust the PH value?If you want to increase the use of PH: sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) If you want to reduce the use of PH: sodium dihydrogen phosphate Note: The degree of adjusting the PH value every day should not exceed 0.5-1 PH Vibration will cause the death of arowana.

Tip: Appropriate gas explosion and oxygen can stabilize the PH value.

Subtle nitrogen cycle

只要 鱼缸 中放入鱼,它们就会排出氨和其他废物到水里,水中的氨浓度会升高,gold arowana当然水中的有益微生物(消化细菌)会分解氨,使之转化为亚硝酸盐(有毒), And then converted to nitrate (non-toxic). The concentration of nitrate is adjusted by water exchange control (so regular water change is necessary).

Note: The formation of digestive bacteria takes about 1 week, and the transformation of harmful substances takes about 1 week. The entire process of changing from ammonia to nitrite to nitrate is called the nitrogen cycle.It takes about 2-3 weeks for a new tank to reach a good nitrogen cycle. Dont be impatient!

Emergency treatment of water quality:

What if your biological filter is not formed or damaged, what is the color of the green pepper red dragon, and your fish has problems and you need to deal with the water quality urgently?

Treatment of ammonia in water:

1. Change part of water (about 1/4) to reduce the concentration

2. Add zeolite (available in the market) to the filter to quickly adsorb ammonia

3. Add digestive bacteria (dry powder recommended) to decompose ammonia

Treatment of nitrite in water:

1. Change water (same as above)

2. Put in an appropriate amount of iodine-free salt (approximately 5 grams in 100 liters of water)

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    gold arowanaArowana breeding tips
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