Vitamins for fish

  Vitamins for fish

There are many kinds of vitamins. Different types of vitamins have completely different effects on fish bodies, and they have different ways of acting. Fish bodies also have very different needs for them.Supplemented by excessive intake, almost every vitamin deficiency can cause loss of appetite and growth retardation.Fish atheism and gradual ugliness are mostly caused by too little vitamin intake.
See what kind of fish you lack?When buying fish food, you can also look at the instructions and choose different suitable ingredients.
Vitamin A
Helps enhance eyesight and promote healthy growth of fish.Picture of chili red dragon fish fry In addition, it also plays a role in protecting the skin of the fish body and enhancing the reproduction ability.Lack of this vitamin can cause eye problems and skin bleeding.

Vitamins for fish AROWANA Forum Vitamin B1
It helps to get energy from the carbohydrates ingested by the fish body, which is conducive to the nourishment (nerve nutrition) of the fish brain and its nervous system by carbohydrates.Vitamin B1 deficiency can cause dyskinesia and even cramps.
Vitamin B2
It plays an important role in the use of protein in fish, growth of muscle and protection of fish mucosa.Lack of this vitamin can cause skin bleeding and abnormal nervous system.
Vitamin B5 (Vitamin PP)
In various?Plays an important role in the formation ofAbnormal fish gills are typical symptoms of this vitamin deficiency.
Vitamin B6
Very important for the nervous system of fish.The lack of this vitamin can damage the nervous system, and a common symptom is abnormal swimming posture.
Vitamin B12
It helps digestion and promotes the formation of hemoglobin, which is necessary for fish to transport oxygen.Fish lacking this vitamin can cause anemia, as well as the resulting apathy and growth retardation.
Vitamin C
It is important for the growth of fishs bones.In addition, it plays an important role in improving disease resistance.Fish gill deformation and easy to get sick are caused by lack of this vitamin.
Vitamin D
Regulates the absorption of calcium and phosphorus, so it is very important for the growth of fish bones, lack of it will lead to bone deformation (rickets).
Vitamin E
Promote the formation of reproductive hormones, it can also stabilize other vitamins and unsaturated fatty acids in feed.Lack of this vitamin can cause infertility and liver hypertrophy.
Vitamin H (Biotin)
Is a growth factor.If the fish lacks it, it will grow abnormally, have no appetite and produce cramps.
Vitamin K
Promotes blood clotting after injury.In those who lack it, wound healing is difficult, and liver function declines.

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