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Polyculture相对单养是一种不同的风格、不同的感受体验与不同的折磨,也是对饲主的又一种考验,下面说说我的感受: 关于打斗 说到混养,大家头脑中第一The reaction is fighting. I am afraid that fighting will cause damage to the fish. In fact, fighting must be inevitable. The damage will inevitably occur. How to treat it properly is a mental tolerance problem. What we need to do is to master the correct method to reduce fighting, and at the same time build the most effective filterKeep healthy after fighting.There are many issues that need to be considered and mentioned in many posts. Gang division It turned out that I remember Brother CHUENG said about the gang problem, it does exist.If your polyculture tank is a variety of arowana, and each arowana has a certain amount, this situation will be more obvious.In my polyculture process, Red Dragon and Golden Dragon each form a gang. Although there are occasional small conflicts within the gang, the theme of the fight between red and gold is still there, so it is recommended that everyone consider this issue.The polyculture of the same species of arowana will be less than the fighting of multiple arowanas. 弱势鱼只的生长 同批混养龙鱼,如果开始混养时基本一般大小,但由于群体中弱势鱼只的产生,其地位决定了该个体会经常处于精神紧张的状态,这种状态大大影响After its normal predation and growth, after a period of time, the arowana will definitely be smaller than other arowanas. Slowly, the fish will become the most susceptible individual. It is recommended that if you start polyculture from the small dragon, you can raise moreOnly, after growing up, the vulnerable individuals will be eliminated. If it is a large dragon polyculture, for the long-term vulnerable individuals, it feels that their growth has been affected, and the fish should be replaced or reared separately. 为什么红龙不红 主要是以下两个原因:一个是群养中的精神紧张,由于有很多对自己地域造成威胁的个体在一个缸中共生,总是时刻保持戒备状态,紧张的情绪影响其红The formation of pigment; another reason is that the water quality is not easy to maintain. According to my feeling, a Jackie Chan must occupy at least 200 liters of water. Basically, a standard dragon tank needs half a meter of water, otherwise water quality maintenance and acid drop will be inevitableIt will be a headache. The blood quality oscillation caused by frequent water changes (not limited to PH) in the blood red dragon and pepper red dragon pictures will seriously affect the color of the dragon fish. Of course, the quality of the dragon fish is still the most important, but there is noI believe that the above water quality protection will not succeed. 早熟未必是好事 早熟的公鱼会由于追逐其它龙鱼(有公有母),很容易受到大家的反攻,一条龙给它造成的伤害也许不算什么,如果与每条龙都有争斗,必然会There are scars, which is a dangerous thing, because when it is tired, it will be crushed by the injury caused by the impulse, and it will probably be sluggish for a long time.The precocious female fish has become the focus of everyone because of the publics hope. Many arowanas show off in front of her, causing mental tension. After a long time, the mental state will be abnormal and affect growth.If there is a tendency to pair, it is not a good way to raise the fish alone. Personally, it is not a good way because the disappearance of the environment or the polyculture companion often causes the dragon fish to be nervous. If the two sides have not reached the stage of mature spawning, it is likely that the female fishIt will chase the male fish and cause damage to the male fish. It is also possible that the young couple who had just accompanied them suddenly turned against each other and fought, and eventually had to separate or return to the polyculture tank. 规律性 混养过程,由于饲主的规律性(如换水、开灯、喂食等)会使龙鱼也产生规律性,这时规律的打破往往使龙鱼产生紧张而不知所措,甚至突然Fighting fiercely.For example: I changed the light time a while ago, from noon to night, reaching more than 10 hours a day, breaking through the original hours of light every night. A few days later, the dragon fish began to fight, and one of them was a vulnerable individual.Attacking other dragon fish like crazy, its posture is exactly the same as that of the Japanese Kamikaze, and it is a crazy attack regardless of the consequences. Sometimes I worry that the fish tank will be broken by it. So I quickly adjusted back to the original lighting law and returned to the polyculture two weeks later.smooth.As a result, the breaking of this rule paid a lot of money. In addition to the damage to the fins, scale damage occurred, and the bacterial invasion of the feeding loach caused infections, which led to the large-scale surgery process of the previous few days.Others such as: feeding at a fixed time, the degree of feeding, the sound of water in the fish tank, etc. These regular changes will cause the collective stress of the arowana, increased fighting, and the situation of not eating.Therefore, it is necessary to maintain good regularity in the polyculture tank to avoid unnecessary fighting. 不要随便的改变 与上面的规律相成,在混养缸稳定形成之后,要尽最大可能控制自己改变的欲望,新添加混养鱼、铺底沙种水草、设备更换等等一不注意会带来致命的疾病,有经验的饲主是不会随心所欲的改变鱼缸,不负责任的变化总有一天会带来惨重的后果 混养中的疾病 混养中常见的各鳍打散,鳞片脱落,身体Grinding flowers, etc. are not a problem. The following situations are common in polyculture tanks. In order to prevent spreading, early detection and early treatment.The small white spots of the fins are more in the back three fins, similar to the water mold, but not the water mold. Heating and adding salt does not have much effect. Slowly improving the water quality can disappear.The white bulges on the hind three fin stems and pectoral fins are also produced. Heating and adding salt has no effect, reducing fighting, and changing the water multiple times can solve it.The white raised infection on the posterior tri-fin stem is transformed into a red pustule. The stem rots and breaks from it, there are signs of infection, and the temperature of the salt can be controlled. After the infection occurs, adequate antibiotic treatment can be used to solve the problem.混养

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    Talk about polyculture of dragon fish
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