the arowana villaWhat to do if the 18 meter tank is too tiring to change water

  If you change the water by 1/3, it will be nearly 300L of water. The siphon pumping is fine, very fast, and the inner diameter 16 hose is used.

Now I am fetching water from a trapped bucket, using the old old Chuangxing AT105 submersible pump at home, which has a serious false standard flow, saying that there is 3000L in an hour, and there is no.

It will take a long time to fill the tank from the trapped bucket to the fish tank. If it is filtered in the end, it will be very fast, but the bottom filter submersible pump will be drained when it is turned to the minimum power.The pump is really too much trouble, is there any way for you?

Its crazy to change the water like this.

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  bg6ixm Say: If the main pump is a variable frequency pump, there should be a bunch of fittings. Make another joint and screw down the main pump.
Yuyu Xiaoyuer-Growing Up Say: 1 Change the pump to fill the tank with water AT304, it takes less than half an hour
Yuyou Robber_ Say:
Yuyou Longer Say: You can just switch to the main tank and change to a bigger pump
Fish friend jimji Say:
Brother, you tease me, AT304 is only 15W small submersible pump, the lift is estimated to be not enough
Change the pump to fill the tank with water AT304, it takes less than half an hour
Fish Friends xujinxuan1 Say: You are tired, I am also 180, direct solar pure manual labor, more than half an hour
Fish friend derekyes84 Say: Same 1.8-meter tank, tap water directly, go to Taobao to buy a full water alarm.Change three full cylinders a week without pressure
Yuyou Zhonghongda Say: 1 Change a bigger pump
Yuyoushibin18 Say: Change a bigger pumpHow big can a gold tiger fish grow)How big can the white fish%Loach pictures~What kind of fish can the gold ingot fish be polycultured with?:How much is Ingot Phoenix worth?$Fish like ingot phoenix$Picture of identification of Luohan fry varieties,Loach is also a fish"

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